Various Hosting Packages to Choose Between

Various Hosting Packages to Choose Between

If you are just beginning in Internet Marketing and you have a view of getting a money-earning site up and running, then you need to make a major decision about where to sign up for shared hosting. Shared hosting is a very popular package for hosting that marketers and webmasters like to use in the beginning. Even though shared hosting is popular, it does have some downsides as well as some good points.

Low monthly cost

The major attraction of shared hosting is that you can sign up for a package at a very low price. Many good providers will let you get started for only a small monthly fee with significant storage, fast hosting and offer great customer service also. This low fee makes shared hosting a great option for most individuals or small businesses just starting out. 

Not good for all websites

Although for those that are just starting, shared hosting seems to be the best option, this is not true for all websites. With shared hosting, you are one of several websites located on the same server. This means that certain software is not allowed due to problems with permissions. If your website is quite popular you need to have a server that is as fast as possible and you might need to use more bandwidth that a shared package might offer.

Another option

But some hosting services do have another solution which is a cheap dedicated server unmetered. This does not mean a “cheap server”, rather a cheaper package. This package means that your website is on one server by itself but with unmetered hosting. It is important to understand that you are not buying unlimited traffic. For a new website, you need to answer the question – how many visitors do you expect in a month, and how fast do you need the data to be transferred between your dedicated server and the internet.


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