Mind Mapping Options for Your Usages

Mind Mapping Options for Your Usages


Mind Mapping is one of the methods used to graphically represent ideas more clearly. Its vocation is to facilitate the memorization and the organization of the thought thanks to a form of productive and attractive graphic information.

The Name Changes

Its name changes according to professional cultures (it is called “mind map” at school, “topogram” for learning professionals or “heuristic diagram” for cognitive science specialists), but its structure remains the same and can be described as a “data tree”.

  • It is a graph representing ideas linked together around a central subject. It is often recommended to read it clockwise, but the holistic approach (non-linear or hierarchical) may be more fruitful for some.
  • The concept takes up the way the brain works, which is why it is very intuitive.

What Can We Do Thanks To Mind Mapping?

  • Information extraction and storage
  • Mind Map can be a great way to isolate information

Map information

Mind Map can also be considered as a method which literally consists in “mapping” your reflection on a theme.

To take notes

Mind Mapping can be a creative and logical technique for taking notes that are organized, readable and easily memorized.

Summarize a text

The Mind Map is also effective in helping with the summary. It makes it possible to reduce information to the essential and thus facilitates the preparation of summaries. The use of the mind map software happens to be essential here.

The Advantage Of Mind Mapping: A Fun Creative Method

Thanks to its graphic and customizable aspect, the Mind Map encourages visual memorization in particular. Easy to make and fun, Mind Maps are popular tools for their simplicity.

The use of Mind Mapping is spreading more and more in school and at work. The Martinez method integrates or uses, among other techniques, mind maps. But how does Mind Mapping bring something different compared to linear approaches?

We offer this content on our blog, a little investigation into the heart of our brain to analyze the reasons for such success.

How Does A Mind Map Work?

What are the essential characteristics of a Mind Map and how does it work?

Central subject

All Mind Maps have a common central subject or theme. It is symbolized by a central image, word or concept.

Page in horizontal format

Due to its extensive structure, Mind Maps lend themselves better to a horizontal format.

Branch by sub theme

Articulated around a central core, Mind Maps use lines, symbols, words, colors and images illustrating concepts that are simple and easy to memorize.

Branching out

Like plants, Mind Maps are divided into secondary elements. Each of the extensions constitutes secondary groupings of a whole organized from the central subject.

The Memorization

As we have just seen, the Mind Map, because it accords with our cerebral functioning, promotes memory anchoring. It is therefore particularly effective in the learning phases.



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