Rugged Computers – Advantages for Businesses

Rugged Computers – Advantages for Businesses

Rugged computing solutions are now becoming incredibly popular across the world, with there now being more rugged computer solutions available that ever before, now including rugged mobile devices and rugged tablets as well as PCs. The quality of rugged computers has also increased tenfold over the past few years, with rugged computers now suitable for all hazardeous enviroments! But why are rugged computers so ideal for businesses and what are the reasons why they should be considered? To discover some of the greatest advantages of rugged PCs, keep on reading!

Benefits and Advantages  

  1. Rugged computers can allow companies to reduce business downtime. Rugged computers lock out all moisture, dirt and impact and can be used in all environments without staff members having to spend lots of time setting up, packing away and fixing PCs.
  2. Although rugged computers are generally a little more expensive than other computers, the price of rugged computers has dropped drastically in recent years allowing more and more companies to afford rugged computers. Not only this, but they can last for many years longer than regular PCs and therefore work out better value for money anyway!
  3. Investing in rugged computers stops companies from having to upgrade and replace their computers, mobile devices and tablets every few months, reducing their carbon footprints and ensuring that their businesses are as environmentally friendly as possible.
  4. It goes without saying that rugged computers are highly durable and made to last – tougher than any other type of computer that you will be able to find on the market.
  5. Rugged computers allow for easier communication within businesses, allowing managers to constantly see what their teams are up to even when they are in hazardous and dangerous environments. This is thanks to the advancements in rugged mobile technologies.
  6. Rugged computers are no available with a whole selection on functions, from cameras to GPS, to sun-readable screens and more. Rugged computers can generally be personalised to ensure that they meet all needs and requirements.
  7. Rugged computers can be purchased in bulk to save money, with companies such as Mobexx offering huge discounts to companies that require many rugged computing products.


If you are now considering investing in rugged computers for your business or perhaps just want more information about the rugged computing solutions available to you, do not hesitate to visit the Mobexx website. Mobexx is the UK’s leading provider of rugged and ATEX computers, offering one of the widest and highest quality range of rugged computing solutions available on the markets at the most competitiveprices. The company is also home to a highly knowledgeable and experienced team whom are always on hand to guide their customers into making the most advantageous and beneficial decisions based on their individual needs and requirements, ensuring that the best solutions are chosen every time!


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