Stanhope- Seta Wins Third Queens Award

Stanhope- Seta Wins Third Queens Award

Stanhope Seta is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laboratory instruments for quality control, analysis and calibration. The instruments that they manufacturer are used to measure the physical characteristics that determine product quality and consistency and are therefore very helpful to an entire range of industries and sectors. The Stanhope Seta ever-growing collection including test equipment for the hydrocarbons industry and well as many others, and the company have a whole range of information about their history and products on their website for all to see.

Winning the Third Queen’s Award

Stanhope Seta is a family run business with almost 75 years’ experience, offering a unique and modern collection of advanced instruments providing solutions for quality control applications across a diverse range of products. The companies amazing efforts and equipment do not go unnoticed either. Earlier this year Stanhope Seta proudly received a Queen’s Award in the category of Innovation.

The Innovation Award was granted to Stanhope Seta for the design and manufacture of the popular Fame in Jet (FIJI) Instrument! Stanhope Seta have however previously won another 2 award at the event in previous years, in 2012 winning the International Trade aware and in 2015 winning the award for Innovation once again.

The FIJI Instrument

It is the FIJI instrument that was to thank for Stanhope Seta taking home the Innovation award – with the modern machine able to detect the smallest levels of a chemical compound known as fatty acid mthyl ester (FAME).

Full details as to why this innovative piece of equipment was chosen to win the Innovation award are available on their website, where you will also be able to learn more about Stanhope Seta and the other laboratory instruments that they offer.

Further Details

For more details regarding this or anything Stanhope Seta related you can contact one of their main representative Mindex Ltd who are always happy to help.

Mindex Ltd is a UK based company working worldwide to represent some of the world’s greatest laboratory instrument and equipment manufacturers. The company understand that leading manufacturers can be busy and therefore step in to market their products, not only able to provide information and guidance regard the brands that the represent, but also machinery, equipment, training and support. Some of the laboratory instrument manufacturers that Mindex Ltd represent includes, Stanhope Seta, Seta Analytics, Oxford Instruments, Core Lab, Pilodist and Owlstone.


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