MilesWeb Cloud Hosting: Best and Affordable for Your Small Business Website

MilesWeb Cloud Hosting: Best and Affordable for Your Small Business Website

In simple words, cloud computing is a type of computing based on the internet. In the past, people used to run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their own place. Today, with cloud computing people can access to the same kinds of applications via the internet.

For example, you use cloud computing when uploading your Facebook status, checking bank balance on your phone, etc. Cloud computing helps to solve the challenges faced by small businesses then may it be sending emails, using a bunch of apps to help manage the workload.

After reading about cloud, you too might be thinking to move on cloud. But there might be so many questions in your mind that would it be affordable or is it good for small business?

But MilesWeb cloud hosting has the answers to all your questions.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb, started in 2012 is one of the best and affordable web hosting providers of India. They are popular for the optimized web hosting services. They offer a wide-range of web hosting services such as shared, dedicated, VPS, reseller, WordPress, business and cloud hosting. Their technical team has years of experience in the web hosting niche and can handle all types of queries. Customers don’t need to wait for long time to get their queries resolved.

MilesWeb Cloud Hosting Plans

MilesWeb offers managed and cheap cloud hosting services that include Managed DigitalOcean, Managed AWS and Managed Jelastic PaaS. 

Managed DigitalOcean Cloud

Features of Managed DigitalOcean Cloud

  • Complete Management: Their team takes complete care of your cloud server and its security. You save your time and energy required to manage it by your own.
  • Expert Advice: Their cloud experts help you to select the appropriate plan depending on your website requirement.
  • Optimizing: Your server is optimized and enhanced to offer the best website performance.
  • System monitoring: The resources of your DigitalOcean server such as CPU and bandwidth are monitored and this saves your website from getting crashed during peak time.
  • Server maintenance: All daily operations of your server as well as maintenance is managed by their team and it is ensured that the servers run smoothly.
  • Data protection: All the files on the server are constantly monitored to avoid web attacks and data is also backed-up daily to avoid data loss.  
  • Regular updates: Updates on the server are installed timely and so, no manual intervention is required when downloading and installing updates.
  • Security: MilesWeb team constantly tracks for the server vulnerability for keeping your website away from any malware, spyware, viruses or unwanted traffic patterns.

Managed AWS Cloud

MilesWeb offers two types of cloud managed AWS hosting plans – Linux and Windows.

Linux Plans

Windows Plans

Features of Managed AWS Cloud

  • AWS Certified Team: Their team is AWS certified and knows the way to take ahead your AWS server for making it secure, powerful and hassle-free.
  • Time-Saving: Server related tasks such as updates, patching or daily operations required for AWS management are handled by their team.
  • 24/7 Available Support: Their team is available 24/7 to help resolve your AWS related queries.
  • Server Monitoring: For keeping your AWS server up and running for the maximum time, their team continuously monitors the traffic spikes, possible infections and other issues. 
  • Optimization and Growth: Your AWS server is enhanced along with the performance, security and expenditure for offering cutting-edge AWS services.
  • Increased Productivity: Handover the administration of your AWS cloud platform to their team and let your team handle tasks such as building products, making profits and assisting customers.


Managed Jelastic PaaS

Their managed Jelastic PaaS plans are based on pay-per-consume model and so, no fixed plan is offered for these services. The customer will be charged for the resources assigned or resources consumed.

Features of Managed Jelastic PaaS


  • Affordability: Since this service works on pay-per-use-model, you only need to pay for the resources that are actually consumed.
  • Scalability: Scaling cloud vertically and horizontally is done automatically without any manual intervention.
  • Simplicity:  Your cloud instance is immediately launched once the configuration is finalized.
  • Reliability: Since every server is isolated in cloud hosting, so your server won’t be affected by any negative impact on the other server.
  • Customization: You have the ability to customize your cloud in the way you want to as you get complete control over your cloud server.
  • Security: The data on the server is distributed across redundant servers and so the information stored in cloud is secured against hardware failure.
  • Suitable for every business: The public cloud can scale any application in real time. 
  • Easy app development: You get more than 100 popular applications such as content management systems, wikis, forums, portals, developer tools and many more in the cloud marketplace. You can select your preferred application and from the marketplace and it will be ready for use within no time.


Wrapping Up

You can see that MilesWeb takes the complete responsibility of managing the cloud server for you. Also, they offer pay-per-use cloud model – Jelastic PaaS that save your money. So, why look for other cloud provider when you get affordable and time saving cloud hosting from MilesWeb.


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