Best Airtel prepaid international roaming plans for traveling abroad

Best Airtel prepaid international roaming plans for traveling abroad

Traveling abroad? We’re sure you have gone through your checklist several times –packing clothes for temperature abroad, booking hotel rooms, planning a detailed tour itinerary, getting your phone ready for overseas travel. Oh did you forget the last one? Well, international roaming is important so you can you your phone overseas without any hassle, connect with your loved ones back home, go on new adventures with GPS, and upload the photos and videos on social media. All without generating a hefty bill. 

Now, you can always buy a local SIM at the international airport whenever you land, but why pull out last minute options when you can very well plan beforehand.

Major network providers in India are offering affordable ISD packs. However, Airtel is offering some of the best with cheaper calling rates, free calling minutes and more importantly,you will have your local number retained while overseas. 

Whatdo Airtel prepaid international roaming packs offer?

Airtel’s offering a whole bouquet of ISD packs under the name ‘foreign passes’. The service provider covers up to 190 countries under different packs which are more than many network providers in India. Also, the packs are designed as your travel duration and calling and data usage abroad. 

Airtel prepaid international roaming plans cover famous international destinations including the United States, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and New Zealand.

Popular Airtel prepaid international roaming packs

Airtel has a variety of International roaming plans. The best-prepaid plan costs Rs 3999 with 30 days of validity. The plan offers 5GB of data, along with free incoming calls and 500 minutes of local and India outgoing calls.

Airtel has got plans for a shorter trip as well. A 1-day international roaming plan at Rs 649offers unlimited incoming calls, 100 free calling minutes to India 100 SMS, and 500MB of free data. 

Another plan costs Rs 2,999 with a validity of seven days gives you unlimited incoming calls, 250 outgoing minutes, 100 SMS and 3GB of data.

Traveling longer than a month? Airtel’s got a budget plan at Rs 446 plan.For 90 days you’ll be enjoying 75 minutes of local and international calls to India.

No extra charges on international roaming packs

Airtel has discontinued its monthly rental and any extra charges for both prepaid and postpaid customers for opting the international roaming. So the ISD packs have become cheaper and you can easily access Airtel network abroad without the hassle and huge phone bill. 

Choose the best Airtel prepaid international roaming packs and make traveling abroad easier and more exciting. 


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