What are Good Chatbots and how is it helpful in business?

What are Good Chatbots and how is it helpful in business?

As entrepreneurs, who had been in the business for decades, you should be aware that you cannot only rely on traditional marketing strategies that you used to have. This includes television, radio, newspaper or magazine and poster ads as well as giving away pamphlets. By this time, you should have learned e-commerce and incorporate this in your strategies as well. For example, you may use chatterbots to support a better customer service. So, what is a chatbot and how good it would be for the company? Do you think it can help you grow your sales?

Well, a chatbot is an innovation in the digital marketing industry that will represent your brand. Actually, it is a simulated program that is capable of handling conversations with various customers online. Through this software, significant tasks can be performed without the supervision of a human being. That’s how smart it is and that’s all because of the Artificial Intelligence technology applied in the program. This machine is programmed with instructions that will allow interaction and communication. It is also designed with an interface that will let users experience a fine messaging environment. 

I supposed, you are very much familiar with various messenger applications and this is where you can meet these smart machines. Some of you may not find it significant to interact with an intelligent machine. But as soon as you start shopping online and make queries, you will get used to it. Why don’t you try chatting with one and you will see how it works and how good it is. Pretty sure that business owners would appreciate the relevance of this feature, especially after a raise in sales and visitors are observed.

Messaging Purposes

By the way, every chatbot differs. They may be good for conversation purposes, but they only attend to specific topics that was programmed in their system. It means that they cannot discuss anything under the sun. It is true that you can exchange conversations, but this feature is limited to a particular niche only.

You will not expect them to interact with you just like how it is when talking to your friends, family and colleagues. You throw them a question and they will respond to this in the form of options, depending on what information and details that you would like to know. This is a repetitive task that they are only capable of doing when it comes to responding to your messages.

AI Receptionists

A chatbot may act as a representative and a receptionist of your company or your brand. For example, they can be programmed and given a task to greet visitors upon entering your official website just like what receptionists do when you enter an establishment. Pretty sure that you will appreciate this kind of service, right?

As a guest, it is sometimes boring to just browse a static webpage. Through the help of the automated systems, you can be given directions on what you want to do or what you are looking for. And then, if you do not have any idea of what you should be checking first, you may be given suggestions, which could be relevant to your shopping needs or information that you would like to gather. Anyway, check out https://chatbotsmagazine.com/why-your-chatbots-greeting-is-its-most-important-response-3278898dc7a3 to learn why greetings are important tasks of bots. 

Clerical Tasks

Do you know that this smart system may act like a clerk, too? For example, you are a registered user on a particular website. However, you forgot your password. This is actually a job that a customer service handles. But a chatbot that is programmed to do this specific task may be able to reset your password or recover your accounts, as long as you will provide the information that it needs.

Because of this, they are acting as account clerks. This is also a way to lessen the burden of the employees, who are assigned with this responsibility. Forgetting a password and recovering your account usually happens. Therefore, a bot performing this would be a relief to those people in-charged. This is a task that needs immediate action and when managed well may increase your number of visitors.

Sales Representative

You are selling your products and services online, right? With the huge number of target viewers, who are checking out your items, you surely need someone to look after them. When you personally go to a shopping mall, the saleslady usually asks you what you need. Our bots can also the same thing. They offer you such services online as well because they know that once you visited a shop, it means that you are interested to buy.

Now, if this smart technology can help you out with the item that you want to purchase, then there is a big chance for this potential customer to place this order. Through the bots, you can easily get the product details and you may also be given options or suggestions. In my opinion, this is far better than browsing all the categories and checking every item on sale, which is really time consuming.

Provides Assistance

Actually, the best thing that these smart machines can do is to provide assistance for your online shopping needs. Again, they are just like sales representatives, who is actually assisting you in finding the specific items on the list. If the one that you want is not available, then it will give you options that are closest to your interest. So, how do chatbots differ from a virtual assistant, which also does the same tasks? Learn more here.

That’s why, if you have questions about the products, then all you need is to ask the bot and this will respond to your query. The good thing here is that, it will only provide you with details or information that are stored in its database. Therefore, every answer is specifically about their brand only. Anyway, these smart machines are good when it comes to these tasks. You are assured that it will give you precise answers, basing on the company policy and rules.


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