Use this secret trick to get more customers than ever and grow your business

Use this secret trick to get more customers than ever and grow your business

Are you struggling to find more customers? Your competitors are making crazy money but you are here still waiting for a new customer to come and order something. You tried different ways of marketing. You posted ads in newspapers. You printed and hung banners all across the city but it did not help you get much exposure or many customers. If this is you them you might start to rethink your marketing strategy. Maybe these things worked in the past but past is in past now and you must adhere to latest methods to get more customers. One wise person once said, “Modern problems require modern solutions.”

Why do old methods not work anymore?

The answer is simple. People do not read newspapers anymore. They have all the news on their mobiles. People do not even stare at banners and hoardings anymore because they are always staring at their phones. So the best place to market is their phones. But how can you get inside their phones/

Digital marketing is the key to a healthy business

If you want to target people on their mobile phones, you have to target their social media profiles.

How to do the marketing

It is quite simple if you just want to attract more customers. All you have to do is to create a few social media accounts for your business. Some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Make sure that you regularly post things there. Post anything relevant and informative. Now create landing pages and create ads that redirect to those landing pages.

What are landing pages and how do they do the trick for you

A landing page is a simple webpage that is opened when someone clicks on an ad and made the customer take action. Start posting some ads on different social media platforms. You can also post on just Facebook and Google and it will also work.

Once someone clicks on the ad, they will be sent to your landing page. Provide them something for free or an offer in exchange for their email address. Suppose you own a café. Give them a 50% discount on drinks this Friday. Now you can use their information to keep sending them such offers which will entice them to come and buy from you. You can also hire an agency to help you create landing pages. Search for an agency in your locality. Like if you are in Chicago, search for digital marketing Chicago. Go with the one that fits best as per your requirements.


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