Four Ways To Use Paid Search For Small Business Growth

Four Ways To Use Paid Search For Small Business Growth

We all know on search engines, people search for what they want to see or know using keywords, terms or phrases. Basically what they type and enter into the search box of the search engines are known as “users’ intent”. For many years, search engines such as Google and Bing have been providing advertising platforms (i.e. Google Adwords and Bing respectively) for advertisers (or whichever businesses) to buy and place keyword search ads on Google and Bing (search engine) respectively. Through the search ads, business owners have been able to drive people to their “businesses” via their company websites or marketing landing pages.

A Google Adwords optimization specialist (with a comprehensive guide) is required to manage the advertising program and marketing budget on a daily basis. So let us use Google Ads (or AdWords) as an example to further reveal how the practical use of paid search programs can benefit small business owners and growth their businesses.

Use Google Ads to discover new keywords and user intention.

Everyone will tell you to get traffic and new users to your new website with search engine optimization (SEO). But what are the chances that you would even do well with your site’s organic search ranking when there is so much competition? Also the time it takes a website to rank fully on Google may be at least 6 months for most sites, and at the same time you hope everything you do would go according to your plan.

Starting with paid search via Google Adwords ads would always be a great method for you to gather user intent data i.e. keyword data. The next immediate stage is to build your SEO campaign with this data.

Use Google Ads as a business investment.

Most businesses required some investment up front. When using Google ads to bring in your first batch of new prospects, it is an upfront investment. For example each month you could be spending a $1,000 budget on paid search, but in return you are only getting $200 net profit after your overhead.

Use Google Ads as additional boost for business growth.

This is the stage immediately after the investment stage because your business including your advertising should eventually hit a break even point. For the initial three months you may be making a loss on your paid search investment. But your end goal should be to continue optimizing your Google Ads (and/or Bing Ads) keyword search campaigns. Once you have made good use of your data through the paid search reports, you would be saving a few hundred dollar of advertising cost each month. When you can achieve and maintain this cost saving habit, your keyword search ads would be likely to break even in net revenue against cost.

Use Google Ads to reach more mobile users.

Most people are now using their mobile phones compared to the desktop computers. Through Google ads, it is easier and usually less expensive to acquire potential customers from mobile campaigns than desktop/tablet campaigns.

One bonus tip

One key metric is your conversion rate. When using the most suitable keywords and the right bidding strategy, you would have optimized the advertising platform side of your paid search campaign. The room for improvement left to you is always going to be the landing page or website.  Being able to properly install WordPress and all the required plugins for your website would be key. This would further enhance your paid search conversion rate. Having a WordPress site fully optimized would help with your website’s SEO ranking.


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