Smarter making of the Website With Bluehost

Smarter making of the Website With Bluehost

Making a website is not nearly as complicated as before. In fact, as you will see in this video, it’s as simple as following the instructions. But before we start, we will explain to you the different choices available to you and we will also make my personal recommendations.

The management platform

To be able to make your website, it will take you what is called a content management system. In English, this is called a Content Management System and you may see its acronym (CMS) several times. There are many different types, but they fall into two categories. They are either open or closed.

  • When a system is open, it means that everyone can contribute to the development of the platform, so it’s easy to find widgets and plug-ins to do what we want on our site.
  • WordPress is the most popular example and it is also the one I recommend. 60% of websites with a CMS use it, which represents 22.3% of websites.
  • Since this is the most popular system, it also means that it is the most targeted by hackers. It is therefore necessary to guard against an antivirus and make updates regularly.
  • The advantage is that since it’s popular, it’s also very easy to find a good programmer who will be able to get rid of us if we are caught.

Many programmers do not like WordPress for a variety of reasons, mainly because it’s not particularly nice to program. If you are ever told to avoid WordPress, we strongly recommend that you say “Thank you for the advice” and make it to your head. A visit to makes things perfect here.

The alternative is to take a closed platform. This is what most web agencies will offer you. The problem with these platforms is that it ties you to the company that made your website. Personally, I believe that any company should own its system to have the choice to take control of the operations internally and give the contract to another agency if they are not satisfied with the current service.

  • That being said, there are also closed platforms offered by third-party companies. They are slow, not optimized for SEO and it is impossible to export their data easily.
  • The only platform worth considering for blogging is SquareSpace because it’s easy to use and it works well, but above all because it’s easy to export your data to WordPress or any other platform.
  • So, knowing all that, you have to say NO to web agency platforms, no to Wix and YourSite. You can use SquareSpace if you want, but know that all my training will be around WordPress.

All about the hosts

To be able to have an online website, you must have a web host. If you go directly to the WordPress website, you will have a free version or a paid version.



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