Essential Tools for Online Reputation Management

Essential Tools for Online Reputation Management

Digital Reputation Management Must-Haves

Reputation is everything. Whether be it for a business or an individual, reputation is the ultimate metric upon which identity is dependent upon. In the hyper-social world that we are living in, reputation has become a readily available representation of us that follows us everywhere we go. At a high level, your digital Identity is essentially built from the information that exists publicly about you. Your platform presence, your relationships, your communities, and the such. By having the proper tools and knowledge on how to utilize those tools, it becomes possible to take control of your online reputation and ultimately life.

Whenever we think about what best online reputation management tools actually are we need to think inside out; we need to start at the very core of where our digital reputation exists, Social media. The vast majority of our entire digital identity exists on and through social media platforms. Choosing what platform to use is entirely up to the preference and style of the individual; but it goes to note that having a profile on the top 5-10 most populated social media platforms would help with exposure, as well as display intent to maintain a positive public self-image.

When in doubt as where to turn, keep it simple:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Medium
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat

That should be a solid base to develop an online reputation. All private and public companies, celebrities, politicians, athletes, scientists, nurses, and budding entrepreneurs have a social presence for a reason. In fact, most of the world’s can be found across those platforms. This goes to say, the platforms of choice should reflect the audience. Geographic predisposition might lend you the need to transfer to native platforms, if your audience is predominantly Asian cultured then perhaps it would be most efficient to utilize Asia’s equivalent to the above such as WeChat or QQ.

That takes us to the next layer of a digital online reputation, Monitoring. The image of you that now exists creates massive amounts of information. That information must be tracked, organized, and presented in a proper fashion. Because by tracking it, you can extrapolate insight as to what the results of your reputation/image is. Here is a broad list of some tools that Companies and aspiring influencers utilize:

  • The Brand Grader
  • Reputology
  • Mention
  • Similar Web
  • Buffer
  • Get Five Stars
  • GoFish Digital Complaint Search
  • SEO SpyGlass
  • Grade.US
  • BrandWatch
  • Rize

As you explore the world of analytics and insights you will run into many more budding resources, but the list above should be substantially more than enough to grow with. Why these are referenced is because they have robust histories of their performance. By realizing that there is actually a lot of negativity floating around your or your company with a metric from GoFish and that you have been losing more followers than you have been gaining, you could readjust your representational strategy and become as reputable and influential as Mahatma Gandhi.

Ok, so maybe it isn’t quite that easy to become Gandhi overnight; but that stands to say the Gandhi didn’t become the Gandhi we know overnight either. Time is only half of the equation to becoming a reputable entity. Proper knowledge is the other.


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