White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO Techniques

Optimizing your website is harder than ever because many details are now involved in ranking on Google or other search engines. They have implemented smart technology or artificial intelligence to calculate many different aspects that are important for you to rank better. Back in the day, you had just to use correct keywords and you will be on the first page on Google.

When it comes to White Hat SEO, it is something that every search engines advise you to do because it considers following every rule they made. Because SEO is harder than ever, many websites are using Black Hat SEO in order to rank better. It is a way of cheating, and shortcuts they are using have benefits, but these websites won’t be supported as ones that use White Hat techniques.

Importance of User Experience

What Google is giving a lot of attention is UX or user experience. It is the most important technique to use when you follow White Hat methods because your main focus then is on organic traffic and satisfying a customer or visitor. When search engines started implementing AI in the system, the focus on how your visitors behave on the website became more important.

Some of the things that they follow now are the time the user spends on the website and where they spend the most time at. That is why having a beautiful, clean website is better than having a bunch of them. When someone noticed everything is in the place they will spend more time on it.

This is the job for a professional designer that knows how to get your attention. There aren’t just a few UX techniques you can implement there are many you should consider when making a website. Perfect placing of pictures, videos, and text, are just some of the details you have to follow.

Read more about it here: https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Started-in-UX-Design

Mobile optimization

Many websites lost they ranking because they didn’t follow the trend of optimizing the website for mobile phones. Nowadays, the importance of designing a website for phones is more important than a desktop website. People are spending more time on their phones than on computers, and because they are stronger as some PCs, you can basically do everything on them.

That is why Google is recognizing if you have a responsive mobile design for your page. We are now searching for something on the PC only if we are working on something, most of the time you will see a phone in our hands. Social media is now easier to use through a mobile application which takes the most of our time.

Marketing Plan

Marketing is the most important thing when it comes to business. Executing what the marketing has done is the next. It would be easy if the competition isn’t large, but now you have competition for every niche you think about. If you know how they are managing their business you will have a big advantage.

When you check some related websites to yours, you can copy what they are doing and try to rank on the first page. A better thing is to try to find what can be done better and implement that on your website. Usually, people look at how UX was done, but advertising is also a big factor. Always try to improve what others have been doing.

One of the methods people are using today is focusing on conversational websites which means ranking for voice search. A high percentage of adults are now using voice search and it is the future of optimization. For example, you can have a conversational bot on your website that uses AI.

Links and keywords

Keywords are still the basis of optimizing your website and it is considered as something everyone should know about. People tend to use fewer keywords than before because Google now recognizes when you try to overuse them. This was implemented because many years ago, you could just use as many keywords as you can and your ranking will improve.

Link building is a must, but for White Hat SEO, it is important to use links that are approved by Google or safe. There are many techniques online about how to use link building, but the main thing is not to overuse.

Quality content

Content is what people first see when they visit your website. When your content is all over the place and your articles are just a pile of text, no one will stay. You should have pictures and videos in your content that are related to the page. If you run a blog, try not to write to much text for one theme because visitors don’t have much patience even if the theme is interesting.

Something that many famous companies are implementing in their content is gifs or moving images that last from six to ten seconds. They can be a perfect illustration of a product.


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