Which Social Network is Most Relevant to My Brand?

Which Social Network is Most Relevant to My Brand?

Social networks are nowkey to internet users, and it’s hard to miss. 57% of Internet subscribers use a social network daily, and 76% have logged in the last 30 days. For brands, the arrival of social networks has created a strong relationship with users and to be audible again. But social networks are distinct and varied,and a lot of brands are drowning on all these platforms and do not know where to turn. I give you all the balls in this article to make you see more clearly.

Being present on all social networks can be counterproductive for a brand. Identifying and targeting social networks tailored to your brand will, therefore, refocus its efforts on the right platforms and better target your target users.

To begin, you must first ask yourself a number of questions, Who are you? Who are you talking to? What are you talking about?

Your identity and your field of action are one of the first factors in deciding which network to position. Too many companies are positioning themselves on irrelevant networks, and then struggle to build a community or to have a high rate of commitment.

Following the same logic, it is vital to know what to talk about, and on what support. Talking about a serious and complex subject cannot be posted on the same platform as the looks of a new photo collection.

 To learn more about social platforms and which ones that cabbe more helpful to your brand, we present the characteristics of a few platforms.


 User profile – Facebook is the social network par excellence with millions of users. In the world, 4,100 statuses are shared every second, and 1.8 million likes are distributed every minute. The average age of users is 22 years old. Successful brands on this platform all post fun messages and hope to interact with the audience because Facebook is particularly sensitive to short, light and offbeat contents. In Facebook, a lot of the younger users are converted.


Instagram has quickly established itself among the most influential social networks. Voted “app of the year” in 2011, she knows how to play on filters,and the staged lick of the daily life of its users to make a place in the big leagues. Instagram audience doubled in just two years.

User Profile – Instagram is a network that attracts young people: 53% of 18-29-year-olds are on this network. 65% of the users are women.  So it’s the right platform to reach out to women.

Instagram is, of course, a visual platform: little text, mostly hashtags, and especially a photo that must tell everything and dream. And brands are particularly fond of this network: 90% of the Top 100 brands have an Instagram account. To succeed in this media, interaction is the key, getting more followers and more especially more likes will sure do the magic your brand needs to succeed. Today in the platform, you can buy likes and followers to help your page,but if you can always post the right things, you will keep getting free Instagram likes on your page.


 Twitter is a social platform now well established. Its principle is based on short messages, impacting and the permanent exchange between users. Although we often talk about the fall of this network, with 300 million users, Twitter remains very influential. It’s one of the main accounts a brand ought to have.


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