What is glutathione and hwo it helps everyone?

What is glutathione and hwo it helps everyone?

It is a well established fact that everyone’s body produces some kind of protective substances that help one to fight off most of the diseases. Now one of such substance is called glutathione. Glutathione is produced in the liver naturally and it helps to fight off some of the most disastrous human diseases like cancer, glaucoma, cataract etc. Glutathione thus now has become one of the major areas of medical research as more and more companies are now providing supplementary glutathione in the market.

How glutathione helps you in keeping your health standards up?

Glutathione has been proven to work effectively for patients with heart diseases, weak immune system ( like AIDS), asthma, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s diseases, amnesia, etc. Thus most of the medical brands have come up with different brands to supplement glutathione in your body. Like there are intramuscular injections of glutathione which can help you with erectile disfunctioms. Then there are intravenous glutathione injections which can help people with heart problems and weak immune systems. Glutathione if ingested from oral suspension can help to improve digestive system as well. Though glutathione has been proven to be an useful for a variety of diseases and can be used by any ordinary adult but the use of glutathione in case of pregnannt women and lactating mothers have not been yet clinically tested. The side effects of glutathione are not studied extensively thus people with high allergic problems should also consult with doctors before taking up glutathione supplements.

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