Clear Garbage from Your WordPress Website – 5 Quick Ways

Clear Garbage from Your WordPress Website – 5 Quick Ways

Today we are looking at to clear garbage from your WordPress Website. If you are running your WordPress website for the theme or plugin testing, you could probably use a complete clean means a complete reset.

There are lots of backup solutions out there including backing up your site from your WP admin area. We recommend you to take a complete backup of your website before proceeding with any kind of garbage cleaning.

5 Ways to Clear Garbage from your WordPress Website

It’s probably time to clean up your WordPress database and improve performance. Here we go with the 5 ways to clear garbage from your WordPress website.

  1. Delete unwanted/unused Plugins and Themes

The first thing you should do to remove garbage from your WordPress website is to delete unwanted or unused plugins and themes. We recommend you to limit the number of active plugins because more and more Plugins may slow down your website.

  1. Remove Unused Media

We recommend you to remove unused media files from your website. You can find a lot of Plugins that help you to find and remove unused image files on your site. If you are worried to delete media files permanently, you have the option to move them to a temporary location and then decide later if you’d like to delete them.

  1. Delete Unwanted Pending Comments

Good comments are welcome but I know you hate bad unwanted spam comments. If your site is turned on comments, you may pay attention to them. If your bog is popular enough, you could get hundreds of spam comments per day. We recommend you to check and delete unwanted spam comments at least once a week.

  1. Delete Broken Links

You should be really careful about broken links that frustrate your readers. These broken links may also hurt your SEO. So we recommend you to take time to delete broken links. You can find those links with the help of Plugins like Broken Link Checker.

  1. A Complete Reset

If you are looking to reset your blog you can try WP Reset, a powerful free WordPress Reset plugin. It helps you to reset and restore any WordPress website in one click.

Hope these tips help you to clear garbage from your WordPress website.


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