Why Should Your Secure Your Programs with Antivirus Program?

Why Should Your Secure Your Programs with Antivirus Program?

Computers have become an important device for our daily work. With so many apps and online access, you never know when a virus hits your computer and crashes it. Hence an antivirus program is important to secure your computer.


Antivirus does not take too much space. Hence, it can be installed at any time. It identifies any virus threat without damaging your data on the computer or the cloud. It can run automatically as soon as the computer is switched on.

They are thoroughly tested and certified by the companies making them. They are compatible with all kinds of computers and computer programs. You can also download a free virus program from the company website or external sources. However, these are trial versions that are available for 1 to 3 months.

Virus Scans

The antivirus program (โปรแกรม antivirus, which is the term in Thai) does a 100% scan in all the drives of the computer. It can easily identify the virus, malware, Trojans, etc. that can harm your data and computer. They can send an alert of all kinds of viruses located on the computer and starts cleaning it up.

How to Get an Antivirus Program?

An antivirus program can be downloaded from the net or can be bought from a computer store. You can also download a free virus program (โปรแกรมไวรัสฟรี, which is the term in Thai) from the net. However, a complete version of the antivirus program should be bought. When you install this program on your computer, you have to provide a registration key which is provided along with the program.

The program is usually available for 4-5 years after which you will need to update the program. The antivirus program can be updated from the company’s website itself. Keeping the virus program updated will ensure the safety and security of your data and also ensure that the computer does not go through any damage internally.

Viruses like Trojan can steal your private data and use it externally for illegal purposes. It can also destroy your data completely and cannot be retrieved again.

So, do not wait. Get your antivirus program immediately and secure your data for a hassle-free working.


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