White Label CMS Multi Site Tool Optimizes SEO and Marketing

White Label CMS Multi Site Tool Optimizes SEO and Marketing

Our hub and spoke CMS system is a unique system that offers something different: a white label CMS multi site tool. Instead of same-server options, which doesn’t do much for search engine optimization, we provide the best solution for SEO and marketing management for more than one site.

Each of your websites is a spoke, and it can be connected to work with a hub. It doesn’t matter where they are hosted. You can oversee dozens of sites, or even more, from a hub by creating your own SEO behaviors or using pre-defined options. You can simultaneously use plugins, advertisements, content, and themes to each of your website simply and quickly.

The hub markets sites to everything from RSS directories to social media sites, to search engines. You can analyze your data in real time, do email marketing, send out press releases, and even quickly test landing pages, among many other activities to more easily manage your sites from one central location.

If you operate ecommerce sites, this web marketing platform may be the right option for you. This allows you to set up specialized ecommerce stores online that markets a certain product, brand, or a product family. You can provide individualized site design and content and specify product description and pricing for each site.

If you own a franchise, are a manufacturer, or an MLM company, we provide the most robust web marketing platform. We give your franchisees, dealers, and distributors a competitive advantage. We can host local websites, and our website themes can be customized to the skill level of a franchisee or distributor to encourage the most local representative engagement possible. Online lead generation quoting tool, data analytics, press release distribution, social media, and ZIP code search enables local businesses to be found and helps increase sales.

Directories, trade and professional associations, and others who want to provide a complete web marketing solution to customers and members can also benefit from our product offerings. Reach more potential members, and provide the most information possible to site visitors.

Finally, affiliate marketing sites that want to increase their engagement can definitely up their sales by using our high-end tools that are so unlike the less sophisticated WordPress plugins.

When you’re ready to improve your site’s engagement and to have a white label CMS multi site tool, contact us to see how we can help your business take off.


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