What to Do When Selling Used Electronics

What to Do When Selling Used Electronics

The trouble with electronic devices is that newer versions come out all the time. They have unique features and can significantly outperform your old appliance, especially if it is several years old. If you’ve decided to upgrade, then your primary problem is knowing what to do with your old device. You can still use it and keep it as a spare, but the smart option is to either sell or recycle it. Here are some tips on how you can do that:

Find a Good Dealer

One of the easier things that you can do is find a dealer. Though you might be tempted to sell online on your own, working with a dealer is a better idea. They have set prices, a good reputation, and can pay you immediately. Compare this to meeting with someone who contacts you on the Internet, with the inherent risks attached to it. Even if they are not scammers or thieves, you can have a hard time haggling with someone over the price. Better to take your used phones to a second-hand dealer in Salt Lake City or other nearby areas.

Do an Information Scrub

Electronic devices today collect large amounts of information, some of it you willingly enter. When it is time to get rid of a machine, you don’t want that data floating around. This means that you need to give it a good information scrub. Smartphones and laptops allow you to do a full factory reset so that nothing is left on the machine when it comes out of the factory. If there is any necessary data on your device, then you will need to back it up. Cameras and phones also have SIM cards that you need to wipe or remove before you pass them on. Anything that can be removed should also be transferred to maximize your privacy.

Deactivate Subscriptions

Devices like your iPhone and your Xbox have subscription services that are locked into your device. Avoid the panic that happens when someone accesses your online accounts by deactivating the connection to these services. Confirm these by trying to reaccess the services from the device.

Consider Cleaning

If you are selling something, you want it to look a bit better. Wipe it down and try to bring it in its original packaging if possible. This gives it a better look that you can use to haggle for a bump in the price you are selling for.

Contact a Recycler

Some devices are too old to be sold anymore. For example, laptops that are nearly ten years old are entirely obsolete and can only be used for spare parts. For such devices, it might be better to find a recycler. This way, you can ensure that your device won’t be in a landfill somewhere.

In the end, many electronic devices become obsolete before they can be used to their fullest potential. The tips above can help ensure that instead of throwing away your electronics, you still get some money out of your gadgets.


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