What mode technology can improve your hiring method

What mode technology can improve your hiring method

Screening and shortlisting candidates

The third step in the hiring process determines whether candidates are eligible for a role based on their education, experience and other qualifications.

The goal of resume screening and shortlisting is to advance a candidate – usually in an interview – or decide to reject them.

How technology can improve screening candidates

Recruitment Tech’s biggest theme right now is recruiting AI.

Experts agree that one of the best applications of AI for recruitment is to automate the résumé screening process, especially for high-volume roles.

Although recruiters have been using ATS for decades, intelligent screening software is a relatively new work.

Intelligent Screening analyzes your existing resume database to know what steps you take to become a successful and unsuccessful employee based on your candidates’ performance, tenure, and turnover rate.

Instead of manually screening each resume, the software automatically applies what you’ve learned about setting up screen, grade and shortlist candidates for your existing staff experience and expertise.

Interview and recruit candidates

The last step of the recruitment process is to interview and recruit candidates. The move could also involve the driver of the new hire.

Most employers conduct multiple interviews as well as a reference check before the hiring director or the hiring committee decides to offer a job.

How technology can improve screening candidates

Various types of recruitment software tools exist to improve this part of the Technology recruiting Toronto process.

An automated interview schedule can save you a lot of time, and the online interview can be conducted in real time or pre-recorded, and viewed when it’s convenient for you.

One of the newest innovations in hiring is the recruiting chatbot, which allows candidates to answer questions and respond to the next steps in the hiring process.

Technology is the way to improve the recruitment process

In 2017, investing in technology hiring will be a top priority to facilitate the recruitment process.

Here’s how technology can improve every step of the hiring process:

Step 1: Technology can improve your open records with software that analyzes your job description and provides advice on how to make it more appealing to different candidates.

Step 2: Technology can improve sourcing candidates with talent re-discovery software that matches the resumes of previous applicants on your ATS with your current OpenRack.

Step 3: Technology can enhance screening candidates through intelligent screening software that will know about existing staff experience and skills and automatically screen, grade and shortlist candidates for you.

Step 4: Technology can improve candidate interviews through automated interview schedules, online interviews and recruiter chatbots.


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