What Makes the Virtual Assistant Options For You

What Makes the Virtual Assistant Options For You

One of the key features of this conversational agent is to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. More than an interactive FAQ, the Chabot provides a precise and contextualized answer.

Its technologies make it possible to automatically recognize one or more series of keywords and to adapt its answers according to these. The bot is even able to formulate a question to ask visitors for details and be better able to answer them. The language used is closer to that of a human. For the Best virtual assistant services this is important now.

Processing of requests

The Chabot acts as a real assistant and offers real opportunities in terms of customer relations. It can provide information such as the nearest point of sale, opening hours, the price of an item, the terms of exchange or refund, etc. He is also able to make a reservation, make an appointment with an advisor and automatically integrate it into his schedule, etc.

After sales service

Integrating a Chabot into your website can revolutionize customer service management. Depending on the teaching received by the tool, he may be able to solve a problem. In the event of a complex problem, he knows how to find the specialized human interlocutor to answer the request (service assistant for example). To handle a customer complaint, he passes the baton to human customer service, with a direct and relevant relationship.

The Chabot used as customer support has the following advantages:

  • Filtered requests,
  • Reduced response times,
  • Fluidized exchanges,
  • Clear weather for your teams,
  • 24/7 availability.

This saves time for your teams while providing a service that is available at all times, based on proximity and personalization.


Distribution of promotions

A Chabot can prove to be a very good marketing tool. Indeed, according to the request of the user, the bot is able to provide information on current promotions, or to offer a customized offer based on the desired product. It can be configured to ask questions that seek to detect the visitor’s intent and thus provide tailored recommendations.

Data gathering

The Chabot is also used to collect data, first by recording the prospect’s request. This collected information will be valuable for the sales team, who can better understand the needs of visitors to the site. In addition, the contact can be facilitated.

Building a database of contacts is important for distributing promotional offers, an email campaign or a newsletter. This approach gives the opportunity to raise awareness of its brand and increase customer loyalty.

Order management

Thanks to its interactive character, the Chabot can not only qualify the prospects, but also assist the customer in his purchase journey up to the sale. For any simple purchase, the bot accompanies the customer to the order taking directly from the tool.

Why install a Chabot on your website?

According to marketer, 63% of consumers surveyed say they are ready to return to a website if it offers a chat tool.



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