What Is Salesforce and How Can It Help My Business?

What Is Salesforce and How Can It Help My Business?

One of the top customer relationship management platforms, or CRMs, is called Salesforce. If you’ve never heard of the platform before, you probably aren’t aware of how it can completely revolutionize the way your business functions. Below are a few key features of Salesforce and how they can help dramatically improve your business’ operations. 


Salesforce has applications and uses for a variety of business departments and company sizes. Some of the most common uses of Salesforce include tasks in areas like marketing, sales, and customer service. Having all of your customer’s data in one place allows for dynamic ways to draw upon key performance indicators and behavioral patterns across departments using an easy to use, web-based interface. Analytics tools inside the software can also help you leverage customer data to make informed decisions on how best to engage with a specific customer or segment of customers. Even if you business doesn’t traffic in sales, you may still benefit from adopting a platform like Salesforce. The software is used by companies both large and small and has has applications in banking, travel, retail, the nonprofit world, and more. If you really want to learn more about your customers and their needs, Salesforce is an excellent solution. 


Marketing is one area where harnessing Salesforce can make a marked difference in your advertising efforts. One of the biggest advantages of using CRM software is the unique information that it gives you to help you personalize your campaigns. For example, integrated marketing campaigns may use customer data more dynamically in email campaigns. This could involve sending cart abandonment emails, referencing a product that a consumer has purchased multiple times, or even sending a coupon for clothing to customers who have a history of buying clothing from your company. Being able to speak to these customers more personally and specifically can make a huge difference in your ROI, and all it takes is a few extra steps in order to pull content from a CRM like Salesforce. The same can be said for tailoring online display ads or Facebook campaigns to a user who has a certain purchase history. A non-integrated approach to these tasks would have you pulling and deduplicating dozens of lists in order to get a usable database of customers, and even then, you wouldn’t have absolute certainty that you would reach the audience you’re wanting to. 

Customer service

Salesforce also has powerful applications in the world of customer service. For example, if you use Salesforce call center software, you can take advantage of a much more dynamic way to work with your customers. This might include referencing a customer’s purchase history or length of time as a customer to help determine their value to your business. You may also want to draw on other personal details in order to thank them for being a subscriber to a certain membership tier or follow up to see if they have any questions about another one of their purchases while you have them on the line. All of this helps your customers feel more valued, which in turn makes them more likely to become a brand evangelist. No one likes being treated like they don’t matter, especially when they have a deep history with a company and its products and services. Salesforce eliminates the chance that that will happen to any of your customers. 

From marketing campaigns to customer service interactions, Salesforce can be a major boon for any business. Particularly if you have multiple departments working with each other and all dealing with consumers in one way or another, Salesforce is a powerful tool for unifying the different spokes of your company. Plus, as an industry standard, you’re likely to find many integrations with other software platforms your business already uses, offering even more dynamic ways to improve how you engage with your customers. 


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