What Colour Do I Choose For My Epoxy Resin Floor?

What Colour Do I Choose For My Epoxy Resin Floor?

Epoxy resin is (epoxy resin คือ which is the term in Thai) something you can see in spaces such as health centres or playgrounds, its arrival in homes has opened a world of decorative options as functional as beautiful. And precisely for all those options that exist, today we would like to give you some keys that help you choose the most suitable colour for your epoxy resin floors. Although we take care that there is nothing written about tastes, perhaps you should take into account some of these aspects.

Epoxy Resin For The Kitchen Floor

As we have already told you, it is increasingly common for builders and decorators to use epoxy resin for floors in homes. If you also like this option and decide, for example, to install this type of floor in the kitchen of your home, we recommend that you opt for brightly coloured floors that will give your kitchen a different and fun touch. Oranges, yellows, greens can be very beautiful if you combine them with appropriate furniture.

On the contrary, we recommend you to flee from the target for this stay, since the activities that take place in it can make the soil dirty in excess and its stains are difficult to remove. If you want to bring luminosity to your kitchen with a light floor, better a grey or beige tone, which will combine with virtually all types of furniture but will be more “suffered” than the white floors that immediately get dirty.

Epoxy Resin For Living Room And Bedroom Floor

When it comes to the living room, the possibilities are also endless but, if we take into account that it is usually a large room, betting on a colour that is too strong may not be the best option. From Coatings for the Future, we advise you to resort to more neutral colours and play with the intensity of the tones depending on the rest of the decoration. In this way, it will be easier for you to furnish the living room and the colour of the floor will not tire you.

In the case of the rooms, something similar happens. Although there is the epoxy resin of all colours, it is best to opt for more neutral tones that facilitate the combination with the furniture and provide more light to the room. Unless they are children’s bedrooms in which a touch of colour can contribute to creating magical rooms for children.


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