What Are The Benefits Of Paid Antivirus

What Are The Benefits Of Paid Antivirus

To ensure the security of computers and limit or even counter cyber attacks, there are many antiviruses; some solutions are free while others are more expensive. What are the advantages of paid antivirus? Find the answer items in this article. You can also find more information here.

No need to update them

Unlike paid antivirus, free solutions are not necessarily updated automatically. This is understandable because not generating / little revenue; it is not the priority of the suppliers. Thus, you will often have to switch to the new version manually.

Also note that most of the time, every paid antivirus has a ‘free version’, which in reality is the same protection but lessened. So be prepared to receive a lot of notifications to switch to the superior offer, and thus switch to paid antivirus and full protection.

Sometimes, you will be able to test the free antivirus for a limited time (for example 30 days), before switching to the subscription, which is often annual. This can be an excellent way to test the services offered.

No Advertisements

To finance their free solutions, providers use advertising. Prepare to have a multitude of advertising content, be it banners, videos, etc. As usual, with free software, the profit generator is you.

If you plan to use a paid or free antivirus to block advertisements during your browsing on the Internet, you may be disappointed: you will instead be more subject to advertising content at each connection.

Unable To Sell Or Share Your Data

In the worst case, be aware that you may also be dealing with a vendor who sells your data to finance his tool. It exists and is very common. So you find yourself wanting to protect your devices, and in reality, take significant risks because your connection data would be shared with third-party companies.

To avoid this, know that it is impossible that this is the case for a provider of a paid antivirus.

Quality Technical Support

Do not rely on technical support to answer your questions with free software: you will not have it. It is very problematic if you have a problem. In the best case, you will sometimes have access to the network of the community of users of this service.

If you opt for a paid antivirus, you will have a real follow-up of your experience and your use. You will be able to contact the customer and commercial support services without problems thanks to phone lines, online chat, or tickets.

Note that you can also find the majority of the questions you ask yourself by visiting the FAQ of your paid antivirus provider. These pages are very often very complete, and the answers are clear and precise.


As you can see, the advantages of using a paid antivirus are very numerous, because it is quickly realized that free offers are limited. If you opt for one of the best offers, you will safely protect all devices on which the software will be installed.

For full protection, you have to pay a small annual fee. Note, however, that you can enjoy big discounts if you opt for multi-year options.


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