Using LinkedIn sales Navigator to better organize sales leads

Using LinkedIn sales Navigator to better organize sales leads

Sales funnel is something that everyone talks about. If the top of the funnel is well-fed with leads, you can turn 60% of it into your potential sales. With LinkedIn, the chances are even higher. According to the social media marketing experts, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than any other social media site known or, unknown. If you take into account that this social network is focused on business and professionals, it’s kind of obvious. While knowing that it is a great tool for B2B, and social selling lead generation, it may not be “working right” for you. That can only mean one thing – you’re not using the right strategy.

Basic system for LinkedIn

There are 3 basic steps with which you can easily set up your Target. Remember, before executing any digital marketing plan you must have proper evaluation. With these basic 3 steps you will be able to evaluate your lead generation plan from world’s number one lead generation platform for B2B sales – LinkedIn.  

Discovery – At this stage, your goal is to stand out, be found, position yourself as an authority, and establish a higher perception.

Lead Generation – Your goal is to relate to leads, generate referrals, and schedule conversations at this stage.

Conversion – In this last step you will see the results of your efforts, and the ROI of your activities. Here you can also adjust, and modify your approach to improve your results.

Here we will see a few steps that you can apply to your business to get maximum potential sales, and generate premium leads from your LinkedIn profile. 

Your profile picture and biography are your business card

Before you start generating leads, and then converting them into Leads and customers, think about how you use your LinkedIn bio, and how your profile picture is. As experts said – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. See if your photo is appropriate for the person in your business. If it has good quality and makes a good “first impression”. Another factor that is so relevant, is your LinkedIn title. Do you still use a title as “CEO in Agency X”? Forget.

The main mission of your title is to make the person who is seeing your profile for the first time understand how you can help her, thus arousing the interest of seeing your profile completely. Once you have an extremely flashy title, see how your abstract is. Can people understand what you do? Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? Your prospects need to have confidence in your skills and quickly understand how you can help them. In many case, people put their email, ask to add them on LinkedIn, and also leave a link to an e-Book about inbound marketing.

Use your LinkedIn feed to promote, and create content

You must be focused on the particular topics that you share on LinkedIn. They must be relevant with the topic you are dealing with, and the company is specialized in. Otherwise you will not get any professional attentions. From the LinkedIn publisher, you can easily share your mix contents – the content that you found interesting from the agency’s blog. The content you write also needs to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. Show your contacts on LinkedIn that you understand them and, that you also master a certain subject. Then explain how you can help them with these challenges.

To give your client a better idea about your field, you can share your previous case history, any qualitative goals, and quantitative project. Or, share a reflection on how Digital Marketing has evolved in recent years, where you can demonstrate how you help customers position their business for future challenges.

Customize your initial message for new contacts

Once you have a profile, and multiple posts which make you a professional in your business field, you must not waste your valuable time. You should start the process by communicating the users to convert the leads into your potential customers, and generating business from them. When you begin to get in touch with connections, knowing what to say can be challenging. Please do not use standardized LinkedIn messages. You need to customize your message based on your knowledge about the person. 

Monitor your notifications to celebrate special dates

We all like to be congratulated, and recognised. LinkedIn makes it easier for you. You can recognise your potential leads on their special occasions. This is indeed an essential opportunity to have communication with your customers. Even, LinkedIn sends you news feed on the special occasions that you have turned on. With this, you will never miss an important update. You will get the notifications on every moves of your connection no matter it is birthday, any ceremony, or anniversary, celebrating career achievements, or takes new position.

However, when you click the “Congratulations” button, LinkedIn opens a new message for you to contact with a standardized message. Again, do not use this type of message. Send a contextualized message to your contact, based on what happened in your career.

Use LinkedIn’s advanced search for contacts

This is perhaps the best tip. It is an extremely effective tool to make personalized searches, according to the persona of your business. On the right side of the search, a screen will appear. Then just start filtering, especially in the area of ​​”keywords”. It will depend a little on the search, but will more work if you know the exact search terms. But remember – No standard LinkedIn message post. Evaluate your prospect’s profile, and send personalized messages to each of them.

Conclusion: Do not forget the rules

These are the top tips to generate leads from LinkedIn. But of course there are other best practices on the channel, mainly through the paid ad formats that the channel offers. You can, for example, offer free educational content made by your agency and invest in ads. Rememberthat there are numerous digital channels of acquiring Leads for your business. It is so important to have a Digital Marketing planning for your agency.


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