Understand the procedure to crop the picture

Understand the procedure to crop the picture

Photo editing allows photographers and designers to edit pictures in a variety of ways. Picture can be edited in a subtle way where the viewer may not be able to notice the difference or you can edit pictures more drastically. There are multiple ways to accomplish things that you wish to create in photos. There are many online tutorials that help you to learn photo editing. You can even get a gist on how to edit images by referring this link https://photolemur.com/photo-fixer.

Effects to use in photo editing

  • Haze effect: Haze effect is used to make the picture more cinematic. You are just required to adjust the intensity of haze particles available in the picture. Haze effect is popularly used by filmmakers and tourists. It helps to create a memorable picture for tourists.
  • Soft haze effect: This is another effect that brings out the coziness of the picture. It lightens the texture of the image and makes it more transparent. Adding soft haze effect to photos makes it more appealing for the viewers.
  • Faded cross-processed effect: Cross processing can fade the natural color of the picture. It gives the image a faded effect that enhances the beauty of the image.

Step to crop picture

  • The first step is to select the crop tool present in the toolbox.
  • Select the desired ratio by clicking on the drop-down option. You are also allowed to enter your own manual dimensions. You can add your preferred dimension in the text field that is situated beside the menu.
  • Later you are required to drag the corners of the image. When you drag the edge of the photo you remove the part that has been dragged. This way you can crop the desired portion from all sides.
  • Press on the check icon or enter the key to finalize the cropping.


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