Things to Do To Improve the User Experience and Thereby Sales From A Woocommerce Website

Things to Do To Improve the User Experience and Thereby Sales From A Woocommerce Website

Woocommerce is the perfect solution for an eCommerce website in order to achieve effective management. Here you will find a step by step method to attract customers to buy a product. Let’s see how we can improve the user’s experience as well as increase sales:

  • Deal Corner

  • The website can have a tab that has the whole list of products with the deals they have on that particular day. This will lure customers into doing some shopping. 
  • Here the customer will find a product that they need to buy.
  • Videos

  • Similar to now, where we have images of the products, we can have videos that show the function and importance of that product. This needs some investment as well as time, but it will eventually prove to be a great option for the website. 
  • Here they will get attracted to the product by seeing its video.
  • Make them Hurry

  • By showing tags like, ‘Only 2 left in stock’, ‘sale ends in 10 mins’, etc., can be a good method to increase the sales.
  • This sense of urgency will create a momentousness for the customer to buy the product. 
  • Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

  • The Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin will help the website to keep a discount on the products in a very efficient and effortless way.
  • Of course, these discounts will help the customer get tempted to buy the product.
  • Woocommerce Product Addons Plugin

  • These will enable the customer to customize their product as well as help them at the time of checkout.
  • Woocommerce Product Addons plugin will make the ‘customer experience’ much better in helping them choose the delivery location, delivery type, etc. 
  • Payment Options

  • More the amount of payment methods, the better are the completion rate of monetary transactions. As the number of customers increases, the tendency of people searching for more options for payment would increase.
  • Related Products

  • Do show related products on the checkout page, like if a customer buys a guitar, show the guitar cover, picks, stand, tuner, etc.
  • This can end up with a customer buying some more items.
  • Respond to Everyone

  • This will help you become a trustworthy and reliable option for customers to shop in.
  • Increasing your customer base and making the connection strong between the present customers are the major functions of the conversation you have with your customers.


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