The UR5: The Robotic Arm of Choice

The UR5: The Robotic Arm of Choice

The popularity of the robotic arm as an effective and efficient help in manufacturing has led to an increase in its adoption by numerous manufacturing entities. Additionally, the modern robotic arm is a collaborative robot that works well in environments it has to interact with human beings. Further, the robot industry has grown and there are numerous manufacturers and integrators of robotic arms to serve those companies that need them.

The UR5 is the leading robotic arm in the industry. It is well known for its superior features and capabilities that enable the acquiring organizations to streamline their production process and improve the quality of their products.

Features that make the UR5 the leading robotic arm

Easily customizable

The UR5 is a robot that can be used in diverse industries. As such it is easily customizable for it to fit into whichever task it is assigned to at any kind of factory. It is designed to perfectly attach any external features such as grippers which allow it to hold items during production, cameras which allow it to have the power of vision and can capably be used to test products and any other external feature that allow it to complete different tasks at hand in the factory.

Weight load

As a collaborative robot and a robot, the UR5 assists human factory workers to complete their work faster and efficiently. This means that it helps factory workers hold items of different weights as they work on them. The UR5 has a weight load capacity of 5kg. It can hold items of up to this weight allowing the factory worker to complete their work without the risk of injury.

Can work on a wide area

Usually the UR5 robotic arm is mounted on a specific location to carry out a specific task. It can be mounted on a table or a floor depending on the task that it is assigned to. With its six axis arm, the UR5 can work on a large area on a surface. This allows the work area to be effectively organized for the activities of the robot.

The UR5’s arm has a reach of about 33.5 inches allowing it the flexibility of movement and maximizing on the space that it uses to complete its tasks.

Easy to use

The UR5 is quite easy to use. After acquisition, a qualified integrator comes in to set it up for you. Unlike traditional robots, it takes up to a maximum of 24 hours to set up the UR5 and have it ready for use in your factory.

Further, the UR5 is quite easy to program. Programming it involves providing instructions on how to perform the tasks it has been assigned. IT actually does not require professional programmers to program it and factory workers that need to use it can learn how to program it fast.

It is space saving

The UR5 is a fairly compact robot arm and does not require lots of standing space. It consists of a modern design rather than bulky robot arm that takes up a lot space. This saves both time and money for the acquiring organization. It weighs less than 45 pounds and occupies a space of only 149mm and can be easily carried around the factory to complete different tasks in different places in the factory.

It is safe for use around human workers

The UR5 is a leading collaborative robot. This means that it can work efficiently with and around human workers. Collaborative features have advanced safety features that sense the presence of human workers around it and lead it to slow down or stop its processes until the human staff is at a safe distance from it. This ensures that its chances of causing injuries to factory workers are quite low. This high rate of safety then allows workers to interact well with the UR5 which leads to higher levels of creativity and improved products and work processes.


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