Taking Care Of Your Vehicle In Low Temperatures

Taking Care Of Your Vehicle In Low Temperatures

Below are tips that will help you keep your vehicle in optimal condition and drive safely during the coldest months of the year.

Packing place: always pack the car in a garage. In a situation whereby you don’t have a garage, you can check for a car umbrella price (ราคาร่มรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai) and get one for the protection of your car. Low temperatures can damage the battery and also the body.

Readjust the tire pressure:  With low temperatures, the pressure of the wheels decreases and, to compensate for that effect, you will have to add more pressure than you used in warmer weather.

Checking the car battery: The battery is one of the elements of the car that suffers the lowest temperatures. Periodically check engine levels.

Cleaning the wiper blades: The windshield wiper blades may stop working properly as a result of the dirt that accumulates. If you did not change them before the cold arrived, take the opportunity to do so. And if they are new and do not clean well, pass a cloth damped with alcohol through the rubber.

Inspect the alternator: Check the condition of the alternator, verifying that the battery is recharging while the car is on, since sometimes the cold hinders the operation of the energy accumulator.

Changing the oil: It does not hurt to make a change of oil and filter if we detect any impurity in the engine oil. Always use an oil recommended by the producer.

Moisture on asphalt: this is frequent during the months of low temperatures. As this can damage your car’s paint, it is worth remembering, at least once a month, a layer of wax that acts as a barrier between the moisture and the paint of your car. You can also make use of a car cover (ร่มคลุมรถราคา, which is the term in Thai) to prevent the wearing away of the car paint.

Cleaning the brakes: It is important to clean and regulate the brakes. Cars will take more energy and effort to stop the vehicle, especially on wet and slippery pavements.

Constant checking of the heating system: Control the proper functioning of the heating system. Not only is it necessary to avoid outside temperatures, but they are also useful when fogging the glass.


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