Smart Choices for the best of PPC

Smart Choices for the best of PPC

You independently think of some keywords for your ads until you realize that the smart people on Google knew a lot more about your business than you did. It was incredible to see how easy it was for Google to add your credit card information and get your first PPC campaign up and running.

You start your first PPC campaign to start selling online and you find that Pay per Click is way too complicated and better left to other competitors. However, this does not have to be the case, as Google AdWords can work for you. From the london ppc agency you can find the best deal now.

Custom, personalized, and highly segmented keywords

Don’t just follow Google’s suggestions and blindly add different keywords to your ads. Think about your keywords beforehand and consider what you sell.

Set a cost effective PPC budget 

Start with a smaller amount and give it a try. You can always increase your budget once you become an AdWords ninja. Manage your AdWords account and learn its different features, giving you access to all your management tools and reports.

Turn off the content network 

You can edit this section in your campaign settings. There’s nothing wrong with the content network, but it’s important not to interfere with the search engine.

Specify “matching” keywords 

You need to know the difference between “broad”, “phrase” and “exact” hits. If you do not understand the differences properly and you do not know how to use your keywords correctly, it is possible for your campaigns to end in tears!

Get started with A / B testing 

What’s A / B Testing? This is not about being more complex than comparing two different ads. It’s important to compare and refine your ads, and run your campaigns with the ads that perform best.

Understand CTR (= click through rate) 

CTR, or CTR, is the percentage of clicks your ad shows on searches (impressions) over a given time period. The better your ad “ad copy” is, the better your CTR will be.

Improve your Quality Score 

Relevance wins and Quality Scores improve! Don’t just send traffic to the landing page of your home page only. It is very important that the click is directed to a more relevant page on the home page.

Recycle your ads 

You can also edit this in your campaign settings. It’s a good idea to rotate your ads at least until you know which of your ads is performing best.

Pay attention to negative keywords 

Use negative keywords to prevent unnecessary impressions on your ad. They dramatically improve your account performance and save you a lot of money.

Don’t forget to run AdWords reports

Google provides its users with a variety of reports, but the “search query report” is one of the most important reports, the content of which is very important to know thoroughly.



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