Simple Editing Tips to Make Social Media Images Stand Out More

Simple Editing Tips to Make Social Media Images Stand Out More

Are you trying to edit your photos or other images for social media in the hope that they’ll stand out more? Although people often assume that it requires special editing wizardry to stand out on social media that isn’t actually true, and in fact sometimes a few simple alterations is all it takes.

If you’d like to give it a go, these simple editing tips should help you to draw more attention to your social media images:

  • Make the colors more vibrant

The fact of the matter is that people are naturally drawn to vibrant colors, and your images will ‘pop’ more if their colors are vibrant. In an editor it is relatively easy to make colors more vibrant, and involves adjusting the saturation color setting.

Think of the saturation as a setting that controls the intensity of the colors in your image. Increasing it will make the colors more intense and vibrant, but if you increase it too much they’ll look unnaturally intense.

  • Apply the rule of thirds by cropping the image

Simply put the rule of thirds is a composition technique that is designed to place the subject off center and balance the other elements in the image. To use it you will want to enable the grid in your editor and then crop your image using the gridlines and intersection points to position the subject and other elements.

While it is somewhat subjective, in most cases the images you end up with should look more visually appealing. That will enable them to attract more attention on social media.

  • Try removing elements and creating a minimal look

In your editor there are various ways that you can remove elements from your images. The easiest is to crop them out, but you could also select and remove elements, or stamp over them.

By getting rid of unnecessary elements, you can create a more ‘minimal’ image. That in turn will make it easier for the subject to act as a focal point, and draw more attention to the overall image.

Ideally the only elements in the image should accentuate the subject in some way, and reinforce its position by providing contrast and balance.

  • Add text to the image

A neat trick that is great at making images stand out on social media is to add text to them. It isn’t difficult to learn how to caption a picture, and the text will act as a focal point that viewers will subconsciously start to read. Ideally you will want to customize the text to fit your image and for example you could use Movavi Photo Editor to do that.

See how a few simple alterations are all it takes to draw more attention to your social media images? At the end of the day the proof is in the pudding however, so why not give some of the techniques listed above a try and see them in action on one (or more) of your images.


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