Should We Do Affiliate Marketing Through Blogging?

Should We Do Affiliate Marketing Through Blogging?

Earn affiliate marketing commissions

Some people say affiliate marketing is simple. It involves signing up an affiliate program or offer, posting the affiliate links, and getting paid. But it’s not all that easy to do when you’re to execute the whole process.

Due to that thinking, people may quickly start affiliate marketing with a blog and believe they can monetize from the blog.

Think hard about it, what’s the incentive for people to click on your link? That’s the main key point about making affiliate marketing work – It doesn’t matter what your preparation is and what you’ve done, at the end of the day you’ll need people to click on your links and purchase the products you’re promoting. That’s how you get commissions.

These days, creating a blog is simple. The steps would involve buying a domain name and setting up a hosting account from one of the web hosting services such as Godaddy, Siteground, Bluehost, or Hostgator. If you still believe having a shared hosting account with these self-service hosting platforms is too complicated, you may want to consider using WP Engine.

Earn through advertising banners

So should we do affiliate marketing through blogging? Or should we monetize our blog with another method?

You would see lots of bloggers or writers placing ads on their own blogs. That’s exactly an alternative to increase their blogs’ revenue. The most popular and commonly used advertising network is obviously Google’s Adsense. What you should do is put up a few Adsense ads on your blog, and see how it goes – Find out how much you can make each month.

If the earning isn’t good enough, there are always plenty alternatives to Google Adsense. Other advertising networks which are also good alternative options such as: BuySellAds, Propeller Ads, etc.

Whether the choice of the bloggers is to earn through affiliate links or ad placement, the key point is to create the content for the blogs to keep going forward. You’ll need to draft a plan for continuous content creation – Hopefully at least 3 to 4 new articles per week, if you can’t produce one piece of new content per week.

Don’t forget. Simply posting content on the blog isn’t going to get people to visit your blog. To get visibility, make good use of your social media accounts (including Facebook, Twitter, etc). It’s also a good time to make use of all your previously gathered or earned people network.


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