Satellite Internet Service – Is It Right For You?

Satellite Internet Service – Is It Right For You?

There are numerous provincial zones where DSL (coordinate endorser line) or digital Internet benefit isn’t accessible. In the event that you live in one of those regions and need quick, dependable, rapid Internet benefit, satellite Internet is what you’re searching for.

In spite of the fact that not as quick as DSL or digital Internet benefit, satellite Internet benefit is significantly speedier than 56K dialup benefit, and is accessible to anybody in the United States who has a reasonable perspective of the southern sky.

Satellite Internet Service Features

* Satellite Internet benefit is up to 10 times speedier than dialup benefit, so you can surf the web and download documents in a small amount of the time it takes with dialup.

* Satellite Internet benefit is dependably on, so you don’t need to hold up to interface with the Internet.

* Satellite Internet benefit is separate from your telephone line, so you can surf the Internet and chat on the telephone in the meantime, in addition to you won’t miss any phone calls.

Satellite Internet Compared to DSL and Cable

To give you a thought of the contrasts between rapid administrations, here’s a correlation of satellite TV benefit from DirecWay, versus DSL and Cable administration from EarthLink. For more data on these administrations tap on the connections beneath.


* Satellite Internet benefit: Up to 10 times quicker than dialup benefit (700 Kbps download speed and 128 Kbps transfer speed.

* DSL Internet benefit: Up to 70 times quicker than dialup benefit (up to 3 Mps download speed and 128 transfer speed).

* Cable Internet benefit: Up to 100 times speedier than dialup benefit (up to 5 Mps download speed and 384 Kbps transfer speed.

Month to month Service Fee

* Satellite Internet benefit: From $59.99 every month.

* DSL Internet benefit: $19.95 for the initial a half year, at that point $39.95 from there on.

* Cable Internet benefit: $29.95 for the initial a half year, at that point $41.95 from that point.

Gear Cost

* Satellite Internet benefit: $499.98.

* DSL Internet benefit: Free.

* Cable Internet benefit: Free.


* Satellite Internet benefit: Free.

* DSL Internet benefit: Do it yourself or pay an installer.

* Cable Internet benefit: Free.

Initiation Fee

* Satellite Internet benefit: None.

* DSL Internet benefit: None.

* Cable Internet benefit: None.

Email Accounts

* Satellite Internet benefit: 5 accounts.

* DSL Internet benefit: 8 accounts.

* Cable Internet benefit: 8 accounts.

Infection, Spam, and Spyware Protection:

* Satellite Internet benefit: Yes.

* DSL Internet benefit: Yes.

* Cable Internet Service: Yes.

Client Service

* Satellite Internet benefit: every minute of every day sans toll phone and Internet benefit.

* DSL Internet benefit: day in and day out toll free-phone and Internet benefit.

* Cable Internet Service: day in and day out toll free-phone and Internet benefit.

DirecWay Satellite Internet Service

DirecWay is the biggest and most dependable satellite Internet benefit. Most other satellite TV suppliers are really DirecWay subsidiaries, which means they utilize DirecWay’s hardware and satellites, yet offer diverse administrations.


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