Orlando iPhone Repair Tips on Prolonging Your Battery Life

Orlando iPhone Repair Tips on Prolonging Your Battery Life

Apple iPhone may not be the best model of smartphone, but it’s undoubtedly among the most popular. People see it as a matter of prestige but forget its high-quality performance. However, there is one thing identified as a weakness of all iPhone models – battery.

All iPhone devices use lithium-ion technology. Compared to older generations of batteries, lithium-ion cells are quickly charged and longer lasting. This technology is currently providing the best batteries for all kinds of smartphones. However, it seems their quality hasn’t been proven in full capacity in iPhones.

Batteries are phone components that become less effective after a while. This period is usually about two years before you start to notice first malfunctions. Read this to discover the obvious signs that you should replace iPhone battery. Some software tricks can help you extend the life of your battery and prolong its replacement. Apple offers this option, but the company announced the rise in the price of replacement batteries. So these tips can save you some money.

Detect and Remove Battery ‘Consumers’

Some applications take too much memory and continually empty the battery. In the phone settings, check out the list of apps and notice those with the highest percent of battery use. You can specify a list of applications used for the last 24 hours or a week. If you use some programs rarely or not at all, simply uninstall them from your iPhone.

You can access many applications via web browsers, without having them in your smartphone. These are mostly apps for social networks and chat. If these are not of critical importance, you should uninstall them. As seen on lovemyphonerepair.com/iphonerepairorlando, except for ruining the battery, unnecessary apps in your iPhone can slow it down drastically.

Update Only on Request

Apple iPhones have the factory setting to automatic updating of applications. You certainly don’t need the latest updates for apps you do not use often. Therefore, in the settings menu, select applications to disable this option. You can always visit the online store for the latest updates when you need them.

However, the bad thing is that when opening any app for messages or media, it will have to be refreshed to show the last entries. But if you do not open these applications often, energy savings in the battery should be worth it. Also, you’ll see your iPhone works faster than usual.

Set Screen Brightness

Nothing wastes battery power like high display brightness. The solution (seemingly) is simple – reduce the light to an acceptable level. Your eyes may not like this at first, but after a while, you won’t even notice the difference. But you get longer battery life. However, if the lower brightness causes your eyes being tired, set the lighting to suit you. You can save battery in other ways that do not affect your vision.

As we spend hours and hours in front of smartphone screens, it’s good to know how to protect our eyes. So keep these tips in mind: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/232665.

Disable Unnecessary Services

Turn off the location service for apps you do not use. Do the same with the notifications. Every message that appears on the screen turns it on and thus affects the battery life. And today, every app has a whole bunch of notifications.

Remember to disable push notifications too. Apart from activating the screen, they also enable some additional functions, which waste the battery. If you still want to receive these notifications, you can choose not to appear on the lock screen.

You can also turn off automatic syncing and email checking. It takes just a few seconds to go and refresh your inbox in just a few clicks. Unless you do not immediate updates because of work, checking emails every few minutes is unnecessary, as it wastes the iPhone battery.

Apple smartphones last about five years without some significant problems in work. During this time, iPhone owners charged their devices several hundred times. The optimal battery life depends on how much the phone works and in what conditions. Its quality certainly depends on the manufacturer, but users can also do a lot to endure the life of the iPhone battery.


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