Online water bill payment – fast and handy

Online water bill payment – fast and handy

Water, as we all are aware, is an essential component of our body and equally essential for our existence. From drinking to bathing, cooking to washing clothes, water is nothing less than a necessity for living beings, including plants and animals that cannot survive without water. Thanks to civilization and the way governments run nations today, proper distribution channels of water has been setup on most places of the Earth. In India, there are several state water boards that are responsible for ensuring that the citizens of the state have access to clean and usable water to meet their daily requirements. Water is also an essential commodity in industries with many industrial processes completely dependent upon water for their sustenance. 

Taking into account the importance of water in our lives, it becomes our duty to ensure water bill payment are done on time. Mostly generated on a monthly or a yearly basis, consumers are free to choose how they want to pay and settle the outstanding amounts. One thing is for sure, that if you default on making the payments, there will come a time when the water connection will be snapped off thereby causing great inconvenience to you and your close ones. 

How can we make water bill payment? 

There are basically two ways of paying this utility bill. The first one is the old method of making manual payments using cash or cheque that is required to be deposited in-person at one of the payment collection counters in your city, town or village. The other method is that of digital payment method but for that you typically need two things:-

  1. Internet connectivity;
  2. A computer or a smart device like a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Online water bill payment can further be divided into two categories:-

  1. The first category is where you can go online, visit your water board’s portal or website, and/or download the App.
  2. The second category is using the services of dependable and leading resellers who are authorized by your state water board to collect water bill payment on their behalf. Some of the best ones in the industry today are – Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe. You can use the browser to open their sites or download their Apps onto your handset and use it whenever you need to make payments online.

We are living in a fast paced world today. Time is of great essence here and is equally valuable as water. It is therefore, in the best interest of the consumer that he chooses to select a method that enables him to save time which he can meaningfully dedicate to some other productive task. It is imperative to mention here that online payments that happen through your credit cards, debit cards, Netbanking, UPI systems and e-wallets are much faster than the manual processes. Plus, you get instant confirmation or decline of the transaction. It is because of the speed at which transactions happen online that today more and more consumers prefer to use the online method of water bill payment.



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