Magento 2 – how it’s different than Magento 1

Magento 2 – how it’s different than Magento 1

As being one of the most famous and trusted platforms to design e-commerce websites, Magento has gained a lot of popularity right since its existence. Most of the developers in Toronto prefer designing the websites with Magneto because it can create wonders and developers use their high end skills to create attractive and creative pages.

However, there a few people who are still stuck with the previous version of Magneto i.e. Magneto 1 while the Magneto 2 has been launched with lot of new features. The Magento 1 was certainly the best platform before its second version because it gave convenience to design the way a developer would want to. But, nowadays, a lot of companies rely on the even better and convenient features of Magento2.

Here are a few points that explain the difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2:

Architecture – The team of Magento development Toronto has not just added new features but also improved various features in the previous version. Like, Magento 1 has issue with store performance, so that has been efficiently improved in 2. It has also been stacked with modern technologies like Apache, Symfony Composer, etc. Since, the new version can support the latest versions of PHP, so this will increase the speed of store as well as its security. For static content, the version 2 will provide better caching of browser.

Dashboard –The admin panel of Magento 2 has been made even more user friendly and users find it more intuitive to use. The Magento 2 lets you to find the information easily and quickly which is was difficult in Magento 1. The new version easily navigates all the sections of dashboard and this helps in managing the store even more efficiently. To be more precise, Magento 2 has a beer dashboard with features like lifetime sales, last and average orders, revenue tax, best customers and best sellers and a lot of such useful features. All these dashboard features will help you in monitoring and managing the business more efficiently.

Extensions – Due to a lot of third party extensions, it creates an extension conflict whenever two or more extensions rewrite the same function. With this, the developers have to spend a lot of time as well as effort but it has been completely resolved in Magento 2. The Magento 2 overlaps the core code instead of overriding it, so this difference is useful for developers. Also, Magento 2 is now the best platform for ecommerce web development because with this it has become very easier to install new extensions and they are cheaper as well.

Search Engine Optimization–The Magneto 1 was missing with the feature of rich snippets which is now introduced in Magneto 2 in the catalog pages. This will drastically improve the search results in Search Engine Result Pages.

Security – The security feature of Magento 1 has been improved in Magento 2. The strengthened hashing algorithms used in new version will protect the passwords and make it secure.


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