Integrate Email Marketing Strategy With Online Stores

Integrate Email Marketing Strategy With Online Stores

But Email marketing is very much into the game plan of internet marketing, even year after year some people think email marketing is dead. Email can be a very effective tool for many marketers when it is implemented and executed right. The key is you need to send emails that people actually want to read. People don’t want to see emails that have nothing to do with them, because on average a person may well receive more than 120 emails or messages per day. That is a lot of noise to filter before your email get read.

But delivering emails that have values to your audience sometimes may not be simple. If you can develop an email marketing that works for you and your customer, that would be a win-win case for long term. All you need is a well-planned email marketing strategy that is implemented or integrated with your overall business marketing strategy.

We’re in the age of permission marketing, where the most effective marketers have audience and prospects opted in to hearing from them. This means you don’t have to interrupt your audience by spamming them, but you’ll have their attention when you’re communicating with them.

Need more reasons to head into email marketing?

The main long term advantage of email marketing is that it yields high return-on-investment by nature, and doesn’t require repeatedly incurring high advertising spend.

Email marketing can certainly complement and work well alongside with almost any other forms of internet marketing strategies.

You need to define goals in your email marketing strategy, such as:

  • Grow brand recognition.
  • Generate leads or prospects, or list building.
  • Increase conversions on your website.
  • Reward customer loyalty.

The choice of strategy would depend on the nature of business. B2B and B2C should be set up very differently. Let’s discuss an example of an ecommerce store which is regarded as B2C (i.e. business to consumer).

When you’re running an online store and selling products, through WordPress with ecommerce plugins (such as Woocommerce), Shopify, or some other online ecommerce store platforms, your store’s ultimate goal is to get people to add products to cart and complete the checkout/purchase process.

Often people would have added products to the wish-list or cart, but would never remember to complete the checkout process. That’s when automated email marketing is most effective. A reminder email should be set up and sent to the prospects. This is how your store’s conversion rate can be improved (or cart abandonment rate is reduced).


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