How Video Conference Helps in Education

How Video Conference Helps in Education

Video Conference is taking over the corporate world and have also delved into the education system. Through video conferences, we can be in immediate contact with our students, no matter the country and place where they are, the only thing they need to participate in, is a device with internet access.

An important point to highlight is that a video conference is not for students to watch TV, that is, it requires a double communication via and interactive between teacher and students, we must motivate the active participation and involvement of all.

Whether we want to organize webinars, make presentations of content, teach a virtual lecture, invite foreign experts to present topics of interest, answer questions, online, about a task or show our students how to use a web tool or how to perform some Excel formula.

How Many Students Allowed Per Video Conference

If you use G Suite in the institution where you work, Google allows since 2016 that up to 25 participants can access the video conference, but if you have a normal Gmail account, only 10 users can participate in the video conference you schedule.

What Option YouTube Gives

  • During your virtual meeting, you can share the screen of your computer, interact through the chat option and share documents from your Google Drive.
  • Live broadcast through your YouTube channel, but you have to make sure that the vc equipment is handy and apt.
  • Without limit of participants, all the people that have the link of the video conference will be able to observe this although only the first 10 users will be able to share a camera.
  • Configure a public, hidden or private video.

Does Give You What You Need?

If you need to create an urgent video conference, we recommend using This is a simple to use the instrument; no device needs to be registered or downloaded.

Video Conference recording to be observed or shared later depending on your choice that is why free video meeting is the best for students and workers.

Name the video conference room and share the link with your students. The free version of this tool provides access to only 8 people to the video conference room. It has integrated the option of chat and allows us to share the screen of the computer screen.

Before making the video conference, plan and prepare the same, make sure you have a good internet connection, webcam, and microphone.

Encourage your students to participate during the video conference by implementing a variety of activities, for example: that students make presentations, group work, role-play, debates, group discussions, among others.


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