How to select the right 3D printer? Basic technical features to learn before buying a 3D printer

How to select the right 3D printer? Basic technical features to learn before buying a 3D printer

Look at the spiders. It uses eight different properties of silk for different functions. The 3D printers are just like a spider. They create 3 dimensional objects by laying successive layers of specific material layer by layer till the object is made.

Here is a complete guide to buy 3D printer.

What type of 3D printer suits the best?

            Currently there are 10 major technologies. They are as follows

  • Stereolithography – SLA
  • Digital Light Processing – DLP
  • Material Jetting – MJ
  • Binder Jetting – BJ
  • Laminated Object Manufacturing – LOM
  • Electronic Beam Melting – EBM
  • Selective Laser Melting – SLM
  • Fused Deposition Modeling – FDM
  • Selective Laser Melting – SLM

What are the features to consider?

            There are many interesting features offered by different 3D printers to make the user experience easy and enjoyable. A professional 3D printer includes the following features

  • Connectivity
    • Most of the 3D printers are connected to computers. They rely on USB connection. The computer uses slicing software to send instructions to the printer.
    • There are other printers that use Wi – Fi connectivity to receive instructions.
    • Learn if the printer can be connected with multiple devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • LCD and Display
    • The display can be character or graphical. Graphical displays are comparatively expensive.
    • Some also have touch screen features
    • There are colored LED displays that updates the printing progress. These are common among domestic 3D printers. They come with an onboard camera to monitor the printing process
  • Assembled Vs Kit
    • An assembled printer is expensive than the kit
    • With DIY guide, assembling the gadgets at home has become common and easier. As there are no advanced technicalities involved, it is easy to assemble a 3D printer at home
  • Additional features
    • All in one 3D printers – these printers include copying, scanning, printing, faxing
    • Camera – Some printers carry on board camera to monitor the progress of printing process. The camera is accessible through PC or mobile phones
    • Automatic material recognition – Depending on the type of filament, the printer automatically detects the printing material installed.
    • Aesthetics – Most of the commercial 3D printer come with attractive frames, glass covered to allow the user watch the printing process, unique colors.

Where to buy the 3D printer from?

With digital advancements, online shopping has become quite easy and popular. Every type of purchase has its own pros and cons. Online shopping offers quick delivery. However, they are not reliable. On the other hand, store shopping provides opportunity to enquire, validate, learn the technology. Choose the option of buying based on their prices, ease of use, return policy, mode of delivery.

What is the quality of the printer?

In order to produce high quality products, one need to note 2 things

  • Print Resolution – It is the level of detail the printer gets. This is generally measured in microns. Smaller it is, higher the resolution (more details)
  • Print speed


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