How to protect your Instagram account from hackers?

How to protect your Instagram account from hackers?

Hacking an Instagram account is relatively easy today. There are modern tools in the market developed by experienced hackers that make the hacking of accounts easy. Everyone knows how important is their personal information on the web, and no one wants to lose it. Someone can blackmail you after getting your personal information. But, the good news is that you can protect your account by taking several precautionary measures. Prevention is better in this case so that you don’t regret it afterward.

  • Always try to use a strong password that is hard to be guessed. Hackers mostly use software that matches the previous passwords they gain by experience. It has been proven by research that people use a very easy password on their social media account. This makes the task of a hacker easy. It is also proven that most of the users use “password” as their password. This is a weird fact.
  • The two-factor verification procedure is really helpful nowadays. This process provides users with better control. Whenever the account is logged in by an unrecognized device; an SMS is sent to the registered number for verification purposes. You are only allowed to log in if you enter the correct code.
  • Another thing to ensure is that your registered email is safe. This can be an easy sneak if the user clicks the forget password and changes the password because the email had loose security.

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What to do if you know your account is hacked?

The simple and straight forward process will be to use the already present recovery options. If you know that you have easy access to your email address, then this service will be really helpful for you. You can even be asked to verify your phone to gain access to your account. Simply, do that to gain access to your details.

What to do if nothing has worked yet?

The last hope is still there. Even if you lose access to the recovery email, you can still gain access to your account. InstaPwnInstagram hacker allows you to get access to your account. In this process, you play the game that the hacker played with you. You hack your account by the use of software mentioned above. In this way, you gain access to your account. It is kept as the last option as it costs you some money.


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