How To Double Your Shopping App Revenue

How To Double Your Shopping App Revenue

Mobile world has become a huge part of our lives.Not too early, but just about 20 years ago it took so many days, even weeks to get a piece of information from books and encyclopedias. Now, mobile users can do anything with their mobile devices within seconds. They don’t need to go to Japan to get a Kimono, for ex. They can make their purchases just with a tap on shopping apps. If you have a shopping app, or an app, or if you live in this world, you high probably know what I’m saying.

As shopping is a very popular, timeless and essential need, or a hobby, the number of shoppers is huge. Combining and easening shopping task with applications is a great way to make money from. %72 of consumers think that mobile shopping applications make shopping easier. And there are some other reasons mobile users use shopping ads. For example; %49 of shopping app users use apps to access discounts and special offers.

But the target audience is so big, so the competition here is also big. So, it might be very challenging to get your app visible to users in the ocean of millions of other apps.But users can’t find out about your app if you don’t make it visible. So, how can you get your shopping app more visible?

You can get help from mobile marketing. That’s a very effective way to promote your apps.

Here is a proven success of how App Samurai, mobile advertising tech and mobile intelligence company, reached Top 10 in App Store Shopping Category. You can see above that it just took them 2 weeks to reach 8th ranking from 17th place. It is also mentioned that they almost doubled the organic installs from 300 to 520.

You can get in touch with them from hereand double your revenue with your shopping app.


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