Here are 4 keys to consider while buying portable generator

Here are 4 keys to consider while buying portable generator

Electric portable generators are machines that are responsible for converting the mechanical energy of a motor into electrical energy. These are basically used as a backup for possible power outages or to generate electricity in places where there is no power supply. Electric current generators can be divided into portable inverter generators, such as Westinghouse igen4500 and industrial generator sets. The portable generators are the lightest generators, by very powerful. On the other hand, industrial generators are the ones with the highest power and heaviest. There are countless current generators on the market.

Single-phase or three-phase electric generators

According to the voltage of the current that they generate, we can divide the electric generators into single-phase and three-phase. The mono-phase generators are most commonly used domestically. These generate an output voltage of 220V. The single-phase generators offer limited powers of a maximum of 15-20 KVA. It is not advisable to purchase three-phase generators if our needs are single-phase since the performance will be much lower.

Conventional generators, Inverter or AVR

Conventional electric generators are lifelong generators that do not have any output voltage regulation system. These generators are the cheapest and not very stable, having some peaks. AVR electric generators are more sophisticated than conventional models since they are equipped with an automatic voltage regulator, which guarantees a stable voltage. Westinghouse igen4500 inverter electric portable generator is more advanced generator that is designed to offer a high quality of current. It offers a very stable output voltage, while also offering a stable frequency.

Diesel or Gasoline current generator

The gasoline electric generator is ideal for situations in which we will give little use, for example, for emergency situations. Only generators with powers lower than 15 KVA are powered by gasoline. Advantages are: more economical, less expensive repairs, lighter and portable, less noise, etc. Diesel generators are the most robust, durable and reliable. Diesel current generators at the same time can be divided into two subgroups according to the revolutions that the engine works. These can be 1500 rpm and 3000 rpm. When we are going to buy an electric portable generator we can choose from many other features or accessories to customize and adapt the generator to our demands. Some of these may be if the start is manual or automatic, if it has remote start, fuel tank capacity, autonomy, the weight and dimensions of the generator, etc.

Power offered by the electric generator

In the market we can find electric generators of infinite different powers. In the specifications of each group we can find the power they offer us for continuous supply situations and for emergency situations. According to our needs, we must choose a generator that meets our needs. For this we must calculate the necessary power and determine the appropriate current generator for our needs.

This decision is surely the most important to avoid future problems since if we buy a smaller generator than we need we will have problems because it will be insufficient. On the contrary, if we buy a much larger generator than necessary we will have to assume an unnecessary cost both in the purchase, maintenance and consumption. There are soundproof electric generators on the market.

Maintenance of an electric generator

Once you have made the decision to buy your electric generator it is very important that you use it correctly and carry out the corresponding maintenance to guarantee the maximum durability of your generator. The most important care and maintenance that you should do to your electric generator are – clean or change when necessary the generator air filters, do not always work with the generator at maximum electrical load, check the oil levels and the condition of the oil and fuel filters, check the condition of the engine coolant, etc.


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