Give Your Customers a Professional Vacation Rental Website

Give Your Customers a Professional Vacation Rental Website

If you are in the marketing business, offer SEO services, or if you are a web designer, then one of the best markets to target is vacation rentals.

Tourism around the world is increasing – all you need to do is find out in which location the number of tourists is rising, search for leads in that area, and pitch to your potential customers. In your pitch, you can include a quality Vacation Rental website that will take less than a day to have up and running. How can this be?

Lodgify is a tech company that is currently targeting the vacation rentals industry. Their service is not to target those travelling, but instead to target those that already own a property in a tourist hot spot.

Although Lodgify targets mostly those that own a property or properties in an area(s) popular for tourism, a secondary market which is also booming is to target property owners that want to rent their place out in areas that attract business travellers.

This means once your business has mastered the vacation rental sector, you will be opening new doors to help those that own properties in cities where business and commerce is rising. Places such as Asia are currently booming, and in Africa, there is a huge demand for business properties that are safe.

At the moment, Africa attracts a large number of infrastructure development contractors responsible for building or upgrading new roads, tollways, seaports, irrigation systems, flood defences, military roads and more.

Many people that own properties in Africa have a hard time finding customers for short, medium, and long-term rentals. This means there are countries on the continent that have people willing to rent their property, but no way of doing so. The continent is a gold mine waiting for the right marketing company to come along and lend a helping hand with their marketing expertise in order to help these people fill their homes with renters.

How Do These Concepts Help My Marketing Business?

This is one of the easiest sells you could ever make.

  • “We will give a website that is fully desktop and mobile optimised, SEO friendly, with a built-in payment system, fully functional property gallery, descriptions pages, built in calendar for bookings, integrated customer message system, social media, and fully branded – FOR FREE”.
  • All maintenance on the website will also be free because Lodgify takes care of coding and if in the unlikely event there is a glitch on the website, a free support call can be logged, and the problem will be resolved by the Lodgify tech team as part of the monthly contract with them.

All you would need to do is sign up to and create your customer’s website in a matter of minutes. You would have to pay a monthly fee to Lodgify, which you would include in your monthly marketing fee. In the contract, you state to your customer that they own the site, and that should the marketing contract cease with your company, they will be able to take over the monthly cost of the Lodgify website to ensure they still have a web presence.

Your Marketing Team Can Focus on Marketing

As the Lodgify website themes are so easy to set-up and maintain, your team will not be bogged down with website design issues. Delays in design can hold back a marketing project’s launch date by up to 2 months in many cases. Thanks to the ingenious concept created by Lodgify when it comes to the vacation rentals industry as well as business rentals industry, your web design process could not be more straightforward than this.


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