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Computer files are available in different formats and they have to be converted from one format to another in order to view them. Each computer handles data differently and whenever they are opened in another computer they need to be converted into a format which the computer supports. In numerous occasions we find ourselves with a file which our computer can’t open. To view that specific file we either need to purchase a program which can open the file or have to use free converter software such as

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This issue happens with all sorts of files like image, movie, or music file. Online there are a number of free converter of files which convert video, audio, image, document files into a format which the computer supports. Among many file converters there are a few which are very popular and users use them regularly.

One can simply search online converter and the web will show multiple converters which are free for the users to choose from. The most popular file converters have numerous types of formats and conversion choices pre-programmed into them which gave the users a wide range of choices. One of the many advantages of free converter is that it can work very fast and takes very little time to convert big size files. Along with that the quality of the file remains the same even after the conversion.

The file converters which can easily handle all the major formats and are easy to use are the most popular among the users. Many of those converters have features which allows them to convert files into a format which is suitable for the offline viewing of videos on the mobile. Thus file converters are a very useful piece of software for any PC.


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