Finest Choices for the Best SEO Works Now 

Finest Choices for the Best SEO Works Now 

The title elements of a website serve two purposes. The first is to organize and structure the content. This is the second to animate the curiosity of users.

Titles are identified by h tags in the HTML source code. We thus find, in the manner of Google Docs a title menu, from the largest (the main title in h1) to the smallest. To open a tag, use the <> and </> symbols to close the tag. In case of the seo los angeles services these are the perfect details for you now.

Practical tips:

  • Use a single title h1 per page.
  • Insert the main keyword of the page in the title h1.

Attributes alt text and title of images

With WordPress, you can easily add ALT text, either when uploading the image to the media library or by clicking on an image in the visual editor.

The text of the image title is not used by Google or Bing for referencing. Therefore, you do not have to fill it.

However, the title text of the image gives you the ability to add tooltips to images. So, even if technically they do not help you to better reference you, it helps to enrich the user experience.

Practical tips:

  • Make sure to add an ALT text element to each of the images on your website.
  • Insert keywords in your ALT texts.
  • The ALT text attributes must describe the corresponding image.

Create links in your content to optimize your SEO

  • There are two types of links to consider. 
  • Internal links and external links.

Internal links in the content of your pages or articles point to other pages on your site. External links point to pages or articles from other sites. They are both the basis for search engines to correctly index your pages.

The anchor text of internal and external links is essential for SEO. The anchor represents the text of the link.

For example, if the link points to a page whose subject is “car garage”, it is desirable to have a text of the type “discover the know-how of our car garage” rather than having “to discover the knowledge – do our car garage.

SEO off-page – E-reputation to optimize its SEO

The off-page SEO corresponds to information sent to search engines by other websites. To make the information easily accessible to all, Google takes into account the relationships between the different websites that exist in its index.

This relationship makes sense with the notion of hypertext links (containing a URL). The more links to page A, the more page A will weigh heavily when Google indexes it. All of this is critically important to Google as it builds an image of a site’s reputation and reputation based on the number of inbound links to that site and the quality of those links. When a site has an inbound link (backlink) from another site, it also enjoys its notoriety. Also, you can create links to other websites that will in turn create links to our own site.


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