Finding a 3D Laser Scanning Supplier

Finding a 3D Laser Scanning Supplier

3D Laser Scanning is highly effective and saves customers a lot of money in production costs. 3D Laser Scanning produces a digital representation of a physical object. It is used in many industries but the automotive, aerospace, gas and oil industries are now relying on this technology more and more.

Finding a 3D laser scanning supplier is knowing what service you want. Physical Digital is the biggest service provider of 3D laser technology and scanning. It provides a non-contact GOM optical metrology system and has a special team of engineers to supervise a project throughout its production cycle.

Even complex surfaces and captured and accurately reproduced. Physical Digital is also able to laser scan a part of an object, rather than the entire physical product. The 3D laser scan allows engineers to have the key information and data needed to reproduce and redesign a process.

The Advantage for Industry

In the automotive, aerospace and oil industries parts are used and damaged with great regularity. 3D laser scanning helps to cost-effectively reproduce tools to benefit production and improve profitability in these key sectors of industry.

Helping Businesses to Save Time and Increase Production and Profit

When data is scanned with reliability and high accuracy it will naturally help businesses reduce time, save of waste and increase profits. The application team at Physical Digital is well-trained and can capture data in intense detail for assembly – whether the product is in a section or in its entirety.

On Site or Off – It is Up to You

3D laser scanning can take place at a specially designed scanning and measuring facility. But mobile equipment does make it possible to scan and measure accurately at the customers’ site. This works well for many industries as it reduces productivity downtime periods and keeps the time constraints in balance. This is particularly seen to be the case in the oil industry and its offshoot sectors.

Environmentally Controlled Rooms for Accuracy

Physical Digital has a facility, based in Surrey, where an environment cell is used to maintain 3D laser scanned objects at an optimum temperature of 20c (68F). Depending on the material, a product can expand or retract if the temperature becomes too high or too low.

Therefore, the facility ensures the product remains at the most accurate measurement as geometrically possible. 3D laser scanning technology is also used heavily in the power generating industry where accuracy is a key element to the products it reproduces.


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