Content Marketing Manager And Specialist: Dig Deeper Into A Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Manager And Specialist: Dig Deeper Into A Content Marketing Plan

Internet marketing is a rather broad activity. Actually in internet marketing or digital marketing, it consists of multiple activities such as: The design of a user and mobile friendly website, the optimization of your website for search engine organic ranking, copywriting of online press releases, creating and maintaining a company blog, creating social media posts, developing a promotional or contest campaigns, launching email marketing (or opt-in campaigns), the acquisition of web visitors from different free traffic sources, and more.

Nowadays, lots of activities in internet marketing would require a solid and practical content strategy. The content strategy of a business may have to include most or all of the following items and/or action plans: Analysis of competitors, identifying the audiences, preparation of content strategy, creating a digital marketing plan, creating editorial calendars (and timelines), implementation of content marketing tools, budgeting for the tools & human resources (including freelancing), following content marketing trends (out there), monitoring the content performance, and more.

Usually, a role in digital marketing and/or content marketing is required to take on all the work. The more specific role to this is content marketing manager. A content marketing managers is responsible to increase web traffic of the business website and brand awareness through the marketing of content. The content specialist person must be able to create the required and shareable content. She must distribute the content on the platforms (e.g. social media, etc) and measure the results of content marketing activity (e.g. each of the social media post per platform).

The challenge ahead of a content marketing manager role is actually to successfully promote a business through content and stories. That is a lot of effort involved to achieve massive and target content creation and distribution. For anyone to fill the role of a content marketing manager, it would require tremendous effort. Apart from being a stellar content writers (or copywriter), the specialist must be able to manage all the creative resources in a company. She must make the best use of words to use her words as a promotional tool to drive visibility and customers to the business.

Conceptually, a content marketing manager has three major groups of duties including the creation of the overall content strategy (or plan), the implementation of the overall content strategy with each individual tactic through each individual content distribution platform (or traffic source), and the management and monitoring of the content. When breaking down the plan into activities, some of the examples of activities may be:

  • Create 2 large pieces of content every month.
  • Create 20 content upgrades and ebooks (in the first 6 months).
  • Create 6 small pieces of content every week.
  • Promote and/or distribute a small piece of content once every day.
  • Re-purpose of each small piece of content for other platforms.
  • Update the content that is older than 1 year.


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