Consider This Before Buying a New Phone

Consider This Before Buying a New Phone

We buy a new phone for different reasons. Some buy new flagships the moment they roll out, others buy only when their phones are beyond repair, and there are those who get new phones on a whim.

No matter your reason, here are the things to consider before investing in a new unit:

Are you locked into an operating system?

As a smartphone user, you probably own an iPhone or an Android phone. These operating systems account for most of the smartphones people use worldwide, and Apple and Google are keen on keeping you in their system.

If you have been using one of these two platforms for several years, you may have purchased apps, music, TV shows and films through your phone. In most cases, you will not be able to access these purchases if you switch platforms. So if you have been a die-hard iPhone user for four years, for example and have terabytes worth of movies in iTunes and music in Apple music, you’re better off buying another Apple phone. Otherwise, you will not get all four years’ worth of content.

Do you actually need a flagship?

Should you really spend a thousand dollars on a new phone or lease one from a carrier or network for double the price?

Modern flagship phones are built with extremely high specifications that users seldom take advantage of. Ask yourself how you are actually using the phone. You could save hundreds of dollars if you buy a cheaper model or an older one, and still do everything you need to do on your new phone.

Is an iPhone really your best option?

Most people think of buying an iPhone when they need to upgrade to a new phone. However, there are plenty of good phones on the market that are not manufactured by Apple, and for a more affordable price. There are a lot of phones that are equal to, and even a lot better than, an iPhone.

Does an old hardware mean your phone is obsolete?

Old hardware doesn’t necessarily translate to obsolete hardware, especially if it has the latest operating system. Smartphones are exceptional devices, and you do not have to get a brand new phone just to get a decent software performance. Even if it is not the latest model, an iPhone X or Galaxy S9 that you buy brand new will still feel like a new phone.

Usage wears a smartphone down. If you buy a new phone that is an older model, you will not experience any setback with the software. You should consider this if you are merely buying a new phone due to a busted hardware. Your Galaxy S9 with a malfunctioning LCD may only need some time in a Samsung phone repair shop to feel brand new.

Is it the right time to buy?

Never buy a phone the moment it comes out. This is very impractical, as you will pay the highest price it will ever have. Although you will have the shiny brand new phone, your finances will surely sulk.

Carefully think things through before you decide to buy a new phone. If your current one is still in good condition, now might not be the best and most practical time to replace it. Ask yourself these questions whenever you feel the urge to spend on a new phone; your phone may be smart, but you need to be smarter.


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