CNC routers, materials and 3D models

CNC routers, materials and 3D models

The development of technology has become the reason that computers and other advanced technical means are increasingly used in the daily lives of people, as well as in industry. For working CNC routers need STL files, which you can download from – 3D models site. For example, in modern industrial enterprises it is increasingly possible to find a CNC milling machine, which is controlled not by the operator’s hands, but using special computer programs and corresponding electronic devices.

Thanks to this control system, the operation of the machine is greatly facilitated, and the human factor is excluded from the manufacturing process of parts, which can have a negative impact on their quality and processing accuracy.

Milling equipment allows for various technological operations: cutting, drilling, calculation of the distances between holes that need to be performed, as well as a number of others. As materials that can be processed on such equipment can be used:

  • Wood
  • Ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals
  • Ceramics
  • Polymeric materials
  • Natural or artificial stone

Examples of models that are made using these materials:

  • Technological equipment
  • Advertising objects
  • Presentation layouts
  • Furniture fittings

To create a 3D model, special software is used, designed for professional work with three-dimensional graphics. The most popular programs installed on the computer are:

  • CADDS5
  • Power Shape
  • Solid Edge
  • AutoCAD
  • Artcam

Ready to use 3D STL files you can buy on website.

These programs allow for solid modeling. This type of modeling is necessary to create a three-dimensional object that will differ in the physical qualities of the real part. Using solid modeling, you can design models with a high level of detail. The advantage of such models is the display of the smallest components. 

Truly unique are CNC milling machines that are capable of creating volumetric models. They can process models in 2d and 3d formats. The implementation of 3d technology assumes that according to a given program, a volume model is obtained from the work piece that fully corresponds to the given geometric parameters.

Where can I get models for CNC machine tools? You can find three-dimensional models of the necessary parts in the public domain on the Internet. Many files can be infected with viruses, so you should check the site before downloading them. In addition, the Internet has only the most running schemes. They are not always executed in high quality, and may not be suitable for the right purpose.


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