Airpod clones that are better than originals

Airpod clones that are better than originals

The market is flooded with airpod clones and the trend is here to stay for a reason. We have created a list that will help you select the airpod clones which are better than the original ones.

i1000 TWS AirPods

This model is a relatively older one but it is still amazing. The audio quality is impeccable and noise reduction is also refined. You would notice that the quality of calls is great and voice is audible even when there is a lot of disturbance in the environment. Get ready to experience great connectivity and pairing as well. It comes with a rather fancy case in which you can keep the airpod.

I2000 TWS Airpods

This is the second-best option which you can go for. You can expect a battery life of 3.5 to 4 hours for playback time easily. The case enables you to charge up the airpod wirelessly. Connectivity of this airpod is also excellent with amazing noise cancellation. It is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about carrying the heavy airpods everywhere. Moreover, the airpods also come with touch control.

I200 TWS

A copy of the v2 the i200 TWS are a very good option. Here is a video showing more.

I100 TWS Airpods

You can expect the same ergonomics as well as aesthetics as the original Apple Aipods in this clone. Moreover, even the audio quality is impeccable and would seem nothing like a clone. This version has better connectivity and supports 150 feet. You can play music for over 2.5 hours at a stretch. You can buy this clone if you are looking for wireless charging, better Bluetooth range, and amazing battery life.

I60 TWS Airpods

This version is an update of the previous i30 TWS and it has a better Bluetooth earphone. The price it comes at will make you choose this model on any given day. It comes with a wireless charging option and one can sync the airpods with just the power button. The user experience with this airpod is truly exceptional. You will get 3 hours of playback music along with the noise-cancelling technology. Overall, this airpod provides a smooth user experience.

I30 TWS Airpods

This is an upgrade from the previous version of i20 TWS earphones. Herein the ratio of the clone is fixed in terms of size. Moreover, the bass and mic have also been improved than the previous version. The battery life is a huge plus point for anyone who is planning to buy this airpod. Another upgrade that i30 has is the LED lights with 2 colours. Experience a comfortable design and a great battery life.


Thus, you can avail the Airpod clones at prices which are unbelievable. They are way cheaper than the actual Apple airpods and you won’t be able to differentiate the original ones from the clones. Not to forget the fact that the airpod clones come with remarkable features. So if you wouldn’t mind getting a great product for a fraction of cost then Airpod clones are actually a great idea. You can find them online and browse from a variety of options.


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