6 merits to make your Instagram account private

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Instagram is one of those social media applications that excessively offer its users to keep control over their privacy. It allows them to choose their viewers and followers. Selecting who can follow or add you are directly contingent upon the user. He has the full right to decide who he wants to keep on his list. Every user on Instagram can choose to determine and verify the person’s profile before adding him to the list. Keeping your Instagram private or public is the users’ decision, and it has its benefits and disadvantages.


Some reasons to convert your profile to private:

  1. Controlled viewers: When a person has an individual account on Instagram, then it becomes his wish as to who he wants to keep in his list of followers. The posts, i.e., videos or photos, will be hidden from random Instagram users until they start getting their following request accepted from that page. That, too, after sending you a follow request, they have to wait until you approve that request.
  2. Prevents spam: When a user has converted their Instagram profile private, he can control random marketing or any irrelevant comments from strangers. It is the preference of the user to select his audience. If the account looks authentic to the user, then he might approve the following request. Hence, a private account prevents you from getting fake followers or shady accounts.
  3. Avert harassment: There have been harmful activities ongoing on the internet for a long time ago. People leave harassment comments and send direct molestation messages that disturb the mental peace of users. Some people make accounts from fake identities and send messages to people anonymously. It is possible with celebrities, but some choose to ignore or not to read them. Therefore, to keep you away from these negative energies, it is appropriate to keep your Instagram account private.
  4. Stop anti-business comments: When you are running a business on Instagram, it is also possible to see people commenting on your posts regarding other topics apart from your business. It happens with public accounts, and hence, it is assumed to be better for entrepreneurs to change their settings to private for avoiding this discomfort.
  5. Less stealing: In the case of an individual account, the possibilities of other users stealing or copying your content become less, because you have the right to decide your viewers. Hence, to view private instagram becomes difficult for stealers or random people. It helps in maintaining the originality of your content or products.
  6. Hide activity: The user can easily hide any sensitive activity posted by him can make or break the deal. To verify the account of an employee before hiring him is in trend these days. Hence, you can hide any personal activity from them, such as partying or drinking.

These were some of the most important reasons to maintain a private account and ideas to convert your settings to private. Also, it is difficult to report an individual account, hence protects the user to a great extent. 



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